FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-February 25, 2014

FAFLRT Board Meeting February 25, 2014


The FAFLRT Board Meeting was held by telephone conference call on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 from 10:04 AM PT to 11:14 AM PT.



Marla Chesler, Dept of State (Federal Director)

Vicky Crone, National Agricultural Library (Treasurer)

Kathleen Hanselmann Defense Language Institute (Secretary)

Anne Harrison, Library of Congress/FEDLINK  (Past President)

Bianna Ine Ryan (Armed Forces Director)

Richard Huffine (Fundraising Chair)

Virginia Sanchez, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (President)

The meeting started with approval of the amended minutes of the last meeting by voice vote.

Virginia Sanchez started the meeting by discussing the fundraising success exhibited by Richard Huffine.  We rewarded him by electing him Fundraising Chair and asking him to coordinate fundraising with Anne Harrison who is doing layout of the Newsletter and will need to know who has paid for ads.   Richard will need to coordinate his efforts so that FAFLRT speaks with one voice regarding outright donations and payments for advertisements in our newsletter. 

The newsletter has been completed and Nzinga Holley-Harris should be uploading it soon. 

Marla led the discussion of the FAFLRT awards.  At present we have no applications for the awards so she is sending out notices to listservs.  Also we discussed the status of funding for the Adelaide del Frate Conference Sponsorship Award, and how it is being tabled until our finances improve, the ProQuest donation that will cover Wendy Nolin's speaker fees as well as add a bit of funding into our budget. Bianna Ryan will be on the Award committee with Marla Chesler and Katie Rapp.

Anne is still working on updating the FAFLRT membership list for the Board.

The logo contest hasn't received and entries yet, and Anne will re-post. Others will also post to various listservs and social media.


Discussion of ALA wiki pages to archive FAFLRT history and SOPS, as well as of the wiki page started by Amanda Wilson for that same purpose.


There was a discussion of committee listservs to augment communication. Vicky did a purge of inactive members and will add current committee chairs.

ALA Annual Programs update was discussed.  All of our programs will on Sunday, but we do not know the venue yet.  The programs will be:  8:30-10:00 The Federal Librarian Employment Landscape: Update from the FEDLINK HR Working Group

10:30-11:30 Leveraging Librarian Expertise in Customer Resource Management

12:00-1:00 FAFRLT awards reception

1:00-2:30 Wendy Nolin, Rebranding Yourself for a Career Change/Transition into Information Services

3:00-4:00 FAFLRT membership meeting

Anne Harrison is still arranging details for the Annual Conference as many must wait for ALA decisions on venues, etc.  Some discussion of speakers for the Talent program, but no sure names yet.   We might participate in a program Nancy Faget is organizing on Saturday at The ALA Placement Center.  Virginia is talking to Angelique and Nancy about this.

General discussion held about an ALA Continuing Resolution about so many military libraries being closed and the possibility to request a resolution.   Virginia is emailing Kim Huskins Webb at Seymour Johnson AFB about authoring one.

Vicky is adding all of our names to the committee listserv and moved to adjourn at 11:14 AM.   Marla seconded and voice approval.


Next meeting will be posted after the Doodle Poll results are analyzed.

Submitted by Kathleen Hanselmann, Secretary.