FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-December 17, 2013

FAFLRT Board Meeting December 17, 2013


The FAFLRT Board Meeting was held by telephone conference call on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 from 3:09 PM EDT to 3:49 PM EDT.


Marla Chesler, Dept of State (Federal Director)

Anne Harrison, Library of Congress (Past President)

Bianna Ine-Ryan (Armed Forces Director)

Virginia Sanchez, China Lake Naval Station (President)

Amanda Wilson, Department of Transportation (Vice-President)


The meeting started with discussion of old business. Nzinga  Holley-Harris,  our FAFLRT web editor, had a son.

The Treasurer’s Report was not given since Treasurer Vicky Crone could not be on the call, and ALA is experiencing some system problems. The report will be sent out when it is available for review.


Virginia confirmed that we will ask ProQuest to sponsor a program at ALA Annual rather than funding travel to the conference. We also discussed the $200 travel scholarship to ALA Midwinter from CIFL (Careers In Federal Libraries). Since there was not enough time to solicit nominees for the scholarship Marla Chesler suggested that the funding be offered to FAFLRT members speaking at Careers in Federal Libraries that did not receive funding to attend the conference.  Marla also made it clear that she was speaking at CIFL and was not receiving funding to attend ALA, so she could benefit from the decision. There was general consensus that this was a reasonable idea and Virginia offered to see if any of the other CIFL speakers were FAFLRT members.

Bianna Ine-Ryan the new Armed Forces Director joined the call and introduced herself.


Newsletter update: Anne Harrison is working with Kelly Glaze and they are working on getting out the next issue.


Logo Contest: Anne Harrison presented the draft of the announcement for the new logo contest. Several suggestions were made and Anne offered to make some revisions and then resend the draft for approval. Anne hoped to send out the announcement by December 20, 2013.


Webpage updates: Virginia sent several  webpage changes to Nzinga  Holley-Harris and the changes have been made. Virginia said that it is easier for Nzinga to make many changes at one time so all required changes should be sent to Virginia and she would compile them to send to Nzinga.


GODORT Liaison: An announcement was sent to ALA Connect, but a liaison still has not been found.


Membership List Consolidation: Anne Harrison is still working on consolidating the list of FAFLRT members against the list of names on the FAFLRT listserv.


Nominations for Upcoming Elections: FAFLRT will need to elect a Vice-President/President, Secretary,  and Federal Director. Announcements will be posted on ALA Connect, FAFLRT listserv and Virginia will ask Katie Rapp and David Blum to post the announcements on the social media sites.


Programs for ALA Annual: Anne Harrison will follow up on the speakers for 1) Update from the FEDLINK Human Resources Working Group.  Learn about the status of work on OPM classification of federal library-related positions/series, web page on competencies and training and 5) Customer Resource Management (CRM) system implementation at the EPA.  Similar to the program presented at the November 2013 FEDLINK Expo.  Speakers: Madison Bolls and Shari Clayman. Virginia will follow up to see if Wendy Nolan can speak.

Correction to Marks Scholarship Winner name: Marla will follow up with ALA to make sure Katherine (Cole) Chan’s name is updated on the ALA Scholarship page.

Anne Harrison moved to adjourn at 3:49 and Marla Chesler seconded.  Passed by acclamation.  Next meeting not scheduled yet.


Submitted by Marla Chesler and Anne Harrison.