FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-November 20, 2013

FAFLRT Executive Board Meeting

November 20, 2013

Conference Call


Called to order at 3:05 pm, EST/12:05 pm PST



Virginia Sanchez, President

Amanda Wilson, Vice President/President-elect

Anne Harrison, Past President

Marla Chesler, Federal Director

Vicky Crone, Treasurer

Theresa Taylor, Armed Forces Director

Vacant: Federal Director

Vacant: Armed Forces Director

Volunteers: David Blum, Katie Rapp, Kelly Glaze


  1. Introduction of volunteers: Kelly Glaze, David  Blum and Katie Rapp.
  • David Blum – social media.  Currently working at Edison Electric Institute, formerly an intern at State Dept.
    - developing gmail and google site, facebook and twitter are running. Looking for suggestions for social media.
  • Kelly Glaze – Federal Librarian newsletter. Graduated last year from Florida State Univ.  Currently working at FSU Library and at Florida Dept. of State Library (Collections Access)
  • Katie Rapp is the ALA New Members Round Table (NMRT) representative and will also be assisting the FAFLRT Awards Committee.
    Katie was the Marks Scholarship awardee last year, graduated from the University of Maryland in May 2013, and is currently working at NIST in Gaithersburg, Md. as a reference librarian.
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Vicky)

No updated information received from ALA since the August financials.


  1. Mid-Winter Conference:  Last month’s vote was not to have any programs at Midwinter due to the Government’s budget woes and associated fall out. Since then, Richard Huffine has inquired whether FAFLRT could use ProQuest sponsorship in any form, including hosting a get-together.  Vicky suggests it would best benefit membership if they underwrote a FAFLRT  program at ALA Annual rather than sponsoring an award for one person, or fund the Internet Access for one room for one day.
  • The board concurred that a program would benefit more people than an award.


  1. Nancy Faget offered to make FAFLRT a co-sponsor of the Careers in Federal Libraries Program.  There are several FAFLRT panelists for ALA Midwinter’s session.
  2. Recruitment for Armed Forces and Federal Directors: Descriptions to the Listserv (Virginia). 

Reposted recruitment announcement brought the self-nomination of Bianna Ine-Ryan for Federal Director. “She currently works for the Defense Intelligence Agency as a Research Librarian. In this capacity, she assists analysts with all source research.  In addition, she carries out research and instructional duties for faculty and students at the National Intelligence University. She holds a Masters of Library and Information Science from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies from Morris Brown College. She has previously been employed in many areas of librarianship – an urban public library, a news organization research center, a county law library and a university library”.    Bianna’s C.V. is attached.

  • Board voted to appoint Bianna to the vacant ARMED FORCES Director until the next term begins. Bianna will need to nominate herself for the 2014 ballot in order to be elected to a two-year term that begins in June 2014.
  • Still need a nominee for vacant Federal Director position.
  1. Newsletter: Kelly Glaze assisting Anne Harrison.
  • Anne suggested a New FAFLRT Logo contest. Board discussion resolved to open this contest up as widely as possible, beyond the membership and FAFLRT listerv – ALA Connect.  Amanda Wilson will send Anne information from a similar DOT effort. [Done]
  • Vicky suggested we offer a $25 gift card as a prize. Board voted unanimous approval. Virginia contacted ALA; we will purchase with ALA Washington Office credit card, and Virginia will hold the card.   
  • New edition of the newsletter is pending.
  1. Webpage updates (ongoing). Nzinga has updated
  • Move “Leadership and Governance” to “About FAFRLT” to make more intuitive to find? [Done]
  • Bio for Amanda: Vice-President/President-Elect  [Done]
  • Update Kathleen from 2013 to 2014 on Officer’s page - Pending
  • Add Anne as Past President - Pending
  • Update Marla’s info to include re-election - Pending
  • Add Theresa as Armed Forces Director [Done]
  • Update NMRT Liaison from Michelle Dunaway to Katie Rapp – Pending


  • Vicky suggested creating a new “Contact Us” page listing all officers, committee chairs, volunteers, liasons, etc., in one place (replacing the back page of the newsletter)
  1. Minutes posting: Forward the Nzinga for posting to the website (Pending – Anne will send to Nzinga)
  2. ALA Connect: Follow up with Ros Reynolds for access (Virginia) – Virginia has access and can now post.
  3. Volunteers:  Katie Rapp, National Institute of Standards and Technology Research Library - Awards, and NMRT Liasion.
  • Need a GODORT liaison
  1. Amazon.Com fundraising idea (Virginia):  Amazon link on our web page would raise funds.
  2. Membership list reconciliation with listserv members (Anne?)
  • Not a lot of overlap between lists.
  1. GODORT Liaison – do we still want to pursue this?
    • YES


  1. Nominations for

VP/Pres Elect,


Federal Director,

Armed Forces Director

Armed Forces – Bianna Ine-Ryan nominated and appointed

Federal Director – need one here


  1. New Business?

a.  ALA Annual Conference Program ideas

  • Proposed program on Open Access cosponsored with GODORT for annual
  • Inherently Governmental Function aspect of Federal libraries (Peter Young)
  • War stories from the furlough

        b. Spring 2012 newsletter PDF is hard to read on the website – can we reformat it?

  • This was investigated last year, and it was concluded that no, it cannot be reformatted without access to the original file.


        c.  Next meeting tentative Tuesday December 17 at 3:00pm EST (if Kathleen can make it)

             Use the same phone number and access code 877-336-1274, access code 5759713


Adjourned 3:54 pm EST/12:54 pm PST