FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-October 10, 2013

FAFLRT Board Meeting October 10, 2013


The FAFLRT Board Meeting was held by telephone conference call on Thursday, October 10, 2013 from 12:00 PM PDT to 12:40 PM PDT.


Anne Harrison, Library of Congress (Past President)

Kathleen Hanselmann Defense Language Institute (Secretary)

Virginia Sanchez, China Lake Naval Station (President)

Vicky Crone, Department of Agriculture (Treasurer)

Amanda Wilson, Department of Transportation (Vice-President)

The meeting started with discussion of old business, the Newsletter.  Last issue was Spring 2012, but issue was tabled because Anne Harrison had no access to her work computer because of the government shutdown.

Virginia tried to ask for appointments for unfilled positions, specifically the Awards Committee, Armed Forces Director and Federal Director before nominations are solicited for the next election in June 2014 but her email did not go through. She will be resending it.


Vicky gave a Treasurer’s report that showed we had only $8614 remaining in our accounts because of unexpected bills.  Discussion of advertising revenues and adjusting expected income by half.  We voted not to attend ALA Midwinter.  We discussed the feasibility of internet access at Annual, given the cost and our dwindling budget and decided the cons outweighed the pros.

We discussed charging for webcasts and agreed that while we could not at Annual, perhaps a series of "preconference" webcasts might work as a means of ramping up to the conference.


There was general discussion of lengths of terms and who will be up for election June 2014.  The Secretary position will be up for election in June 2014 for a two year term and the Treasurer will be up for election in June 2015 for a two year term.  This was staggered so the board would not all be new people.


Amanda was in the meeting for a few minutes, but could not stay.  


Nzinga will be updating the website with submitted information.  Her email address is nnhharris@yahoo.com so please send her anything that needs to be updated.  Virginia has submitted the following information for updates. 


  • Move “Leadership and Governance” to “About FAFRLT” to make more intuitive to find?
  • Bio for Amanda: Vice-President/President-Elect
  • Update Kathleen from 2013 to 2014 on Officer’s page
  • Add Anne as Past President
  • Update Marla’s info to include re-election
  • Add Theresa as Armed Forces Director
  • Update NMRT Liaison from Michelle Dunaway to Katie Rapp

If you have other information, please send it to Nzinga. 

Kelly Glaze has volunteered for Newsletter Editor … see an excerpt from her resume below.

SUMMARY Experience in library and archiving services such as circulation, cataloging, storage and

retrieval, collection development, and collection management.

Strong research and customer oriented background combined with an eagerness for learning

and applying new skills.

Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating

ideas clearly and effectively.

Extensive computer training, including knowledge of Microsoft Office programs; Adobe

Desktop, Web, and Video software; database management; and Apple products.

Enthusiastic and experienced in overseas travel.

Specialties: XHTML, CSS, graphic design, Adobe products, Microsoft Office tools, research,

and social networking.



And David Blum has volunteered to handle our Social Media presence.  See an excerpt from his resume below.



Masters in Library and Information Studies; University of Alabama, School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS).

Tuscaloosa, Alabama; August 2013

Thesis:  Management of Intelligence Archives of Fallen Authoritarian Regimes

Classes: Academic Libraries, Archives, Cataloging and Classification, Democratization, Law Library/Legal Research

Bachelor of Arts; American University, School of International Service.

Washington DC; May 2007

Major: International Relations  Minor: History



Intern                                                                                                                     Tuscaloosa, Alabama; September 2012 – August 2013

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) - Management Bureau

•   Selected for the Virtual Student Foreign Service e-Internship, promoted with a Public Trust security clearance.

•   Began the Knowledge Management process for the Management Bureau. Assisted with the transition from an email

attachment and paper based means of sharing information to using the Google Platform and enabling a more collaborative environment. (Considered as a GS-13 level assignment by the Communications Director)

•   Collected quantitative and qualitative data from employee satisfaction surveys; organizing and created graphics.

•   Edited instructional videos for new USAID employees by improving quality and correcting errors.

•   Built and developed internal websites using the Google Platform for the Management Bureau, the Legislative and Public

Affairs Bureau, and new employees within USAID.

•   Created walkthroughs explaining how to use new software or develop tasks for Management Bureau employees.

•   Edited and improved the Management Bureau page on Developedia, the internal USAID wiki.


The decision was made to ask him to set up a LinkedIn presence for us as well.


Fundraising suggestions were discussed and I read the pros and cons in Amazon.  Not sure what we would be promoting, but if we included some high ticket items and linked to Amazon we might make some money.  Would people link from our newsletter and webpage to Amazon?  Would we recommend something besides books…pretty skimpy earnings from books?


Perhaps Danielle Anderson has thought about these questions already and could provide answers.  General discussion, but no decision taken by the Board.


Anne Harrison moved to adjourn at 12:40 and Vicky Crone seconded.  Passed by acclimation.  Next meeting not scheduled yet.


Submitted by Kathleen Hanselmann