FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-August 29, 2013

FAFLRT Board Meeting August 29, 2013


The FAFLRT Board Meeting was held by telephone conference call on Thursday, August 29, 2013 from 10:00 AM PDT to 10:56 AM PDT.



Marla Chesler, Dept of State (Federal Director)

Kathleen Hanselmann Defense Language Institute (Secretary)

Virginia Sanchez, China Lake Naval Station (President)

Theresa Taylor, Combined Arms Research Library (Armed Forces Director)

Vicky Crone, Department of Agriculture (Treasurer)

Amanda Wilson, Department of Transportation

The meeting started with discussion of old business, the Newsletter.  Last issue was Spring 2012, but issue was tabled because Anne Harrison could not participate.

Trent Reynolds from Incirlik has bowed out in an email because of connectivity problems.

Virginia asked who was on the Awards Committee now.  Marla said she is still on it, but thinks Shirley and Maria both have dropped off after years of service.


Virginia will be asking for appointments for unfilled positions, specifically the Awards Committee, Armed Forces Director and Federal Director before nominations are solicited for the next election in June 2014.  Vicky said the position descriptions are in the By-laws.  Virginia will be posting these requests to the Listserv and on the website.  Please email her if you know of anyone who would serve.  Ideally we would have someone from the Navy/Marine Corps who could be appointed immediately.


Vicky could only give a preliminary Treasurer’s report because the final figures are not in from ALA.  She said there were only 4 people at the ALA FAFLRT membership meeting so no decisions could be made.


There was general discussion of lengths of terms and who will be up for election June 2014.  The Secretary position will be up for election in June 2014 for a two year term and the Treasurer will be up for election in June 2015 for a two year term.  This was staggered so the board would not all be new people.


Amanda joined the meeting at 10:55 and mentioned the need for a Newsletter editor. 


Virginia said she would send out a Doodle poll for the next meeting to be either Oct 3 or 4 or Oct 10 or 11.


Teresa made a motion to end the meeting at 10:56.  Kathleen seconded it and the meeting was ended by voice vote.