FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes May 31, 2013

The FAFLRT Board Meeting was held by telephone conference call on Friday, May 31, 2013 from 11:00 AM EDT to 11:45 AM EDT.



Marla Chesler, Dept of State (Federal Director)

Vicky Crone, National Agricultural Library (Past President)

Kathleen Hanselmann Defense Language Institute (Secretary)

Anne Harrison, Library of Congress/FEDLINK  (President)

Jane Killian, Defense Forensic Science Center (Treasurer)

Lucille Rosa, Naval War College (Armed Forces Director)

Theresa Taylor, Combined Arms Research Library (Armed Forces Director)

Virginia Sanchez, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (Vice President/President-elect_

Shirley Loo, Award Committee Representative

The meeting started with discussion of the FAFLRT awards.  Shirley and Marla said they had 131 submissions.    All members of the Board commended the work of the Award Committee.

There was general discussion of Trent Reynolds, who is being suggested to be appointed to the Board as Armed Forces Director to fill the role that Lucille Rose will vacate when she retires in the August/September time frame.    We voted to approve him by acclimation, Theresa Taylor moved to appoint him, Kathleen Hanselmann seconded.   Anne Harrison will contact him explaining the telephone board meetings we normally have at 11:00 AM EDT on Fridays.  We want him to be able to participate.   Anne will notify us by email of his decision.

ALA Annual Programs update was discussed.  All of our programs will be in the same room at the InterContinental Hotel across the Chicago River from most of the other venues.  We have 5 programs scheduled at ALA.  Panelists for Careers in Federal Libraries include Blane Dessy, Helen Sherman, Debbie Balsamo, Jessica Hernandez, and a couple of "new Feds" via the web.  Library Internships will be conducted by Amanda Wilson and Linda Geisler; Kathel Dunn, a Fellowship Coordinator at NLM was suggested by Vicky Crone, and will participate via webcast.


The caterer for the Awards Reception has sent a menu and Anne will share with the Board by email.   Membership Meeting will include a presentation by the HathiTrust folks who want to discuss their handling a preservation of US Federal documents.  The Executive Board Meeting will be held at ALA .  This conference will be difficult because of the challenging financial situation at the Federal government.  Most Librarians are not allowed to go or must pay their own way and take leave to attend.

Meeting ended at 11:45 EDT.

Next meeting scheduled for June 21st at 11:00 AM EDT.