FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-April 26, 2013

FAFLRT Board Meeting April 26, 2013


The FAFLRT Board Meeting was held by telephone conference call on Friday, April 26, 2013 from 11:00 AM EDT to 11:34 AM EDT.



Marla Chesler, Dept of State (Federal Director)

Vicky Crone, National Agricultural Library (Past President)

Kathleen Hanselmann Defense Language Institute (Secretary)

Anne Harrison, Library of Congress/FEDLINK  (President)

Jane Killian, Defense Forensic Science Center (Treasurer)

Lucille Rosa, Naval War College (Armed Forces Director)

Theresa Taylor, Combined Arms Research Library (Armed Forces Director)

Virginia Sanchez, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (Vice President/President-elect_

Shirley Loo, Award Committee Representative

The meeting started with approval of the minutes of the last meeting by voice vote.

We need a representative to liaison with GODORT; Federal Documents Task Force, subcommittee on establishing protocol when decommissioning federal content on the web.  No one from the Board volunteered and Anne said she would send a targeted message to the membership asking for a volunteer.

Anne Harrison informed the Board that Nzinga Holley-Harris is updating the website.  If you should need to contact her, her email address is nnhharris at yahoo.com.  Please send website suggestions to her.

Shirley and Marla led the discussion of the FAFLRT awards.  We seem to have plenty of applications for the scholarship, but need Distinguished Service and Achievement Award nominations.  Anne said she would write one up for the award.  Shirley mentioned people have been asking if they can nominate themselves and it is possible, but someone who is nominated and praised by other people is much more likely to win the award.  Marla said she has been receiving applications for the award, too, but has not looked at them yet.  The person nominating the awardee MUST be a member of FAFLRT.

Anne said she would send the membership list to the Board.

ALA Annual Programs update was discussed.  All of our programs will be in the same room at the InterContinental Hotel across the Chicago River from most of the other venues.  We have 5 programs scheduled at ALA, Careers in Federal Libraries, Library Internships, Awards Reception, Membership Meeting and the Executive Board Meeting.  This conference will be difficult because of the challenging financial situation at the Federal government.  Most Librarians are not allowed to go or must pay their own way and take leave to attend.

The computer equipment has been ordered by Dawn Smith.  Ed Burgess is on the Library Internships panel.  It will be webcast at 10:30 CDT.  Virginia Sanchez and Vicky Crone both plan to be there.  Vicky and Anne volunteered to handle catering as they will attend and can check up on the results.

Next meeting scheduled for May 31st at 11:00 AM EDT.