FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-March 15, 2013

FAFLRT Board Meeting

March 15, 2013

11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Dial in number:  202-707-1855


The FAFLRT Board Meeting was held by telephone conference call on Friday, March 15, 2013 from 11:00 AM – 12.05 PM EDT. 



Marla Chesler, Dept. of State (Federal Director)

Vicky Crone, National Agricultural Library (Past President)

Kathleen Hanselmann,  (Secretary)

Anne Harrison, Library of Congress/FEDLINK (President)

Jane Killian, Defense Forensic Science Center (Treasurer)

Lucille Rosa, Naval War College (Armed Forces Director)

Theresa Taylor, Combined Arms Research Library (Armed Forces Director)

Virginia Sanchez, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (Vice President/President-elect)


Agenda and Discussion


  1. Receipt of invoices dating 2009 to 2011 from Martha Jolkovski, the person who composed the newsletter while Jane Sessa was editor.


Jane Killian received invoices totaling $4950 from Martha Jolkovski, the design person for the Newsletter while Jane Sessa was editor.  Because of a lapse in invoice submission for 3 years, no one was expecting them, and there was general discussion about how to find out if they were legitimate and what to do about them, since they were not included in the last budget.  Lucille Rosa volunteered to contact Jane Sessa and Anne Harrison will contact Ms. Jolkovski for more details concerning an agreement.  The matter was tabled pending more information. 


  1. ALA editorial staff has asked if someone among us or the military library community at large would like to write an article for the July/August issue of American Libraries.  ALA is interested in how military librarians anticipate they will be affected by sequestration, how they are preparing, what things they have to consider, how this type of thing makes their library unique, etc.


Kathleen Hanselmann said she was interested in writing an article, and other FAFLRT Board members also indicated interest in contributing to the article: Lucille Rosa, Virginia Sanchez, and Theresa Taylor.  Anne Harrison will provide the ALA contact information to Kathleen.


  1. Updating web site.  (Anne, Vicky)

The FAFLRT pages on the ALA website need to be updated:

http://www.ala.org/faflrt/governance/committees - replace Vicky Crone as the Legislation Assembly rep

http://www.ala.org/faflrt/governance/meetings - upload meeting minutes.

http://www.ala.org/faflrt/initiatives - Update this.


  1. FAFLRT Committee Chairs Discussion List
    It’s been inactive since forever, but it still contains the following six members:
    Angelique Simmons, Alba Scott, Helen Sherman, Karl Debus Lopez, Lucile Rosa, Shirley Loo

    The member list for this group needs to be updated to reflect our current committee members, if we keep it as a Committee Chair list.  Do we really need it for this purpose, however?  Perhaps it would make more sense to have a Conference Program Planning list, and include not only committee chairs and the Board members, but also anyone involved with planning or presenting programs for FAFLRT?


Nzinga Holley-Harris, librarian at the FBI Academy, has volunteered to take the duties of webmaster from Alba Scott, who is not renewing her ALA membership.  Anne Harrison and Vicky Crone will provide updated content for FAFLRT pages to Nzinga.  The FAFLRT Committee Chairs Discussion List will be deleted because it is inactive.  Decision was made by voice vote to delete all inactive pages including the Military Writing Workshop, which is from last year.  It was also suggested to have a Conference Program Planning list including the Board and anyone else involved in planning or presenting programs for ALA conferences.


  1. The last FAFLRT newsletter on the website is the Summer 2012, vol 30 no 4. Have we not published anything since then, even online? We're approaching the April 15 deadline for the Summer 2013 issue. Have we received advertising money for these unpublished newsletters?
    Should we address the fact that the newsletter is "on hiatus" and needs a permanent editor? 


The decision was made by voice vote to publish a combined issue as the Summer 2013 issue, since the deadline is April 15.  Content for newsletters has been provided.  Anne Harrison will provide an electronic copy produced in Word to Baldwin Graphics for final design work as soon as possible.


  1. FAFLRT Awards – schedule, reviewers, funding for scholarship award.


Marla Chesler provided an update on the FAFLRT awards.  Marla conducted a conference call with the other Awards Committee members (Maria Pisa and Shirley Loo) to discuss making the announcement for awards, and the funding for the Adelaide Del Frate Conference Sponsorship Award for 2013.  ProQuest will not be sponsoring the award this year.  [Additional information: the Committee thought FAFLRT may want to decide to have more contact with the scholarship awardee, for example, assign a mentor to serve as a resource and to accompany the awardee to the FAFLRT membership meeting.]


  1. Next meeting


April 19, originally suggested, was changed to April 12 because it is likely that some military libraries (including Naval War College and Combined Arms Research Library) will be closed on Fridays, starting sometime in late April, throughout the remainder of the fiscal year.  A conference call was tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 12 at 1:00 pm EDT/12:00 pm CDT/10:00 am PDT. 


  1. Other business

Liaison with GODORT; Federal Documents Task Force; issue of establishing protocol when decommissioning federal content on the web.


Barbara Miller, the chair of the GODORT Steering Committee, contacted Anne Harrison about the idea of renewing liaisons between FAFLRT and GODORT.  They are interested in input from federal librarians on several issues, including the problem of decommissioning federal content on the web.  Anne Harrison will post a message to the FAFLRT listserv to request volunteers to be liaison and/or to serve on the Federal Documents Task Force.