FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - February 8, 2013


FAFLRT Board Meeting

February 8, 2013

1:00 – 2:00 pm

The dial in number is 202-707-1787


  1. Slate of Candidates for next election was discussed.

Amanda Wilson - VP / President Elect

Vicky Crone - Treasurer Councilor – for FAFLRT

Marla Chesler - Federal Director

Theresa Taylor - Armed Forces Director

Kathleen Hanselmann - write-in candidate for Councilor-at-large

  1. Lucille Rosa will be retiring this summer, and will resign her board position at that time.  We will need to elect or appoint someone to replace her.  We wish Lucille all the best in her future endeavors.
  1. Attendance at ALA conferences

Attendance of FAFLRT membership meeting is very low, and many board members cannot attend.  In the future, we should consider webcasting membership meetings outside the auspices of the annual and midwinter meetings to avoid additional costs and perhaps receive more participation.

  1. 2013 ALA Midwinter recap

Anne attended the Budget Analysis and Review Committee, Planning and Budget Assembly, and Round Table Coordinating Committee meetings. The new ALA dues proposal was discussed.  Membership dues, contributions, and attendance at conferences are down somewhat.  The purchase of Neal-Schuman has not yet resulted in expected revenues, for example, from RDA sales.

  1. The webcasting of FAFLRT programs at ALA annual was discussed.  Costs will be investigated.
  1. ALA Legislation agenda.  Although federal librarians cannot lobby for issues in many cases, we can participate in discussions on the impact of issues on federal libraries
  1. The financial reports supplied by ALA were reviewed.  The proposed budget was approved.

Action items: 

Anne will send the FAFLRT roster to the Board.
Anne will investigate costs for webcasting at ALA conferences.
Anne or Jane will submit the budget to Pat May.