FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-November 14, 2012


MINUTES FOR 11/14/12


Present:  Anne Harrison, Virginia Sanchez, Kathleen Hanselmann, Jane Killian, Marla Chesler, Theresa Taylor, Lucille Rosa


  1.  FAFLRT Budget:  Anne got some End of Year reports from ALA covering the year ending Aug. 31, 2012.  She found them difficult to understand.  The bottom line is that we have $16,187 in our account.  Since we no longer have a printed newsletter, we will no longer have income from subscriptions.  On the other hand, we will not have the cost associated with printing a newsletter. 


  1. SLA event sponsorship:  SLA Maryland Chapter is holding an event in April called “Strategic Liaisons Game-Changing Conversations.  There was discussion about sponsoring at what level, $250, $300, or $650.  The $650 level came with a list of participants which some thought would be beneficial.  Given that we did not know what kind of crowd this would attract, we voted to sponsor at the level of $250, which comes with two seats.  Lucille made the motion and Virginia seconded.  The vote was unanimous.  Anne will make our decision known to SLA through Survey Monkey.  We agreed to offer the two seats first to the FAFLRT Distinguished Service winner and the FAFLRT Rising Star of 2012. NOTE:  In her email message, Vicky says that we will make our selection of 2013 award winners by April 16, which means we could offer the seats to these awardees if we wish.


  1. ALA Conference Programs:  There will be 2 Programs at ALA Annual.  Virginia will be the point person to get the information into the ALA system.
    1. Internship – Best practices on how to get one.  What are the Pros and Cons?  Jane will help Virginia with the workshop.  Kathleen is also interested; Vicky suggested contacting Melanie Gardner at the National Agricultural Library as staff who would know about internships at NAL.
    2. Relocating a Library – Lucille suggested that Ed Burgess might be interested in presenting for this program, because he is in the process of going through such an event right now.  Theresa agreed.

The Careers in Federal Libraries program with Nancy Faget is looking for Panelists.  This Program is generally well attended by Library School Students or young graduates looking for a way into Federal Service.


  1. There is a vacancy for Federal Director as Betty Landesman no longer has a federal position.  Please try to think of someone who might want to serve.


  1. Social Media:  If we were more involved with Social Media, we could attract more members.  People are choosing to be involved in SLA vs. ALA perhaps because SLA has more social activity, including educational programs offered via webcast.


  1. Advertising:  We need someone to take over Advertising in the Newsletter.  Anne can no longer do it.  This involves soliciting vendors to buy advertising space and if you do business with a vendor, there can be a conflict there.