FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-August 22, 2012

Minutes of FAFLRT Board Conference Call August 20, 2012

Members on call Anne Harrison, Virginia Sanchez, Vicky Crone, Jane Killian, Marla Chesner, Kathleen Hanselmann

Meeting called to order by Anne at 8:05 AM Pacific time.

New directors to replace Erica Stiner and Betty Landesman were discussed.  It was recommended to have Anne put out a call on the Listserv for volunteers.  Fred Wilson was recommended by Jane Killian and will be contacted to see if he wants to volunteer.  Theresa Taylor is one candidate.   After the call for volunteers and contact by Anne, the board will vote on replacements at the next meeting.

The ALA Annual Conference has announced some changes to programs for next year including allowing only 90 minutes and scheduling them all at the Convention Center.  No one knew if that included receptions.  Virginia is obtaining the FAFLRT login information for the ALA Conference website for next year and will check on these questions. 

Newsletter Editor volunteer, Rebekkah Bernotat, was voted in by acclimation and will be notified by Anne.  Using the same design firm for the newsletter spending up to $800 was approved by acclimation.

There was general discussion of programs for the 2013 ALA Annual Conference.  Vicky Crone and Jane Killian agreed to develop a PROS & CONS OF INTERNSHIP PROGRAM  and various people expressed an interest in participating including Kathleen and Melanie Garner, volunteered by someone. 

Anne & Virginia will develop a program on relocating a Library, either physically or into a different department.    Possible name, CHANGE LOBSTERS AND DANCE from Alice in Wonderland. 

At the end of the meeting we were still awaiting the expense report from ALA on the 2012 convention.  Anne said she would email everyone and we could approve it by email.

Anne raised the issue of a representative for the FY13 ALA Membership Task Force.  There was general discussion about the existence of a membership committee in FAFLRT, but there is not one now.  Anne decided to attend the first meeting and report back to the group to decide if we need to get a volunteer to serve on this task force.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:07AM Pacific Time.


Submitted by Kathleen Hanselmann