FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-February 24, 2012


FAFLRT Board Meeting

February 24, 2012

11:00 – 12:00 am EST

The dial in number is 202-707-1684.


Karl, Betty, Vicky, Anne, Marla, Lucille, Kathleen, Jane (Erica was unable to connect via the call-in bridge)


  1. Board members will email Kathleen additions, corrections, and clarifications to the minutes from the January and February meetings


  1. Spring Newsletter submissions due to Jane Sessa now.
    1. We will continue to offer the Federal Librarian newsletter in both PDF and HTML formats. Angelique has agreed to continue converting these files for FAFLRT but Mike Colarusso will no longer be able to perform this task for FAFLRT.
    2. If we discontinue having the newsletter printed commercially, we will still need someone with access to the software to do the design/layout.
      1.  Anne will get quote from Vicky Grimmet at Baldus for design & layout only (without printing).
      2.  Anne will also ask for a volunteer from FAFLRT to do this.
      3. Anne will also contact DCSLA for their procedure.


  1. Awards
    1. The nomination form was lost in the conversion of the ALA website to Drupal. Alba is working with Maria and Shirley to revise the form(s). These will be approved by the Board before posting to the website.
    2. Scholarships will have to come from our reserves unless we obtain corporate sponsorship.
      1. Vicky will confirm with ALA development re: funding for the Marks scholarship
      2. Maria Pisa is contacting Proquest regarding the Del Frate scholarship (which was awarded as the Proquest scholarship last year due to no candidates being eligible for Del Frate.)
    3. Shirley advises that the plaques presented to the FAFLRT Achievement Award  and the Distinguished Service Award winners cost about $100 each, depending on how many letters are in the recipient’s name. This amount should be included in the 2013 budget but can be taken from reserves for this year.


  1. Update on elections and Committees
  1. Vice-President/President-Elect/Past President  2012-2015  (3 years) Candidate: Virginia Sanchez
  2. Secretary  2012-2014  (2 years) : Candidate: Kathleen Hanselmann
  3. Federal Director  2012-2014  (2 years/full term) Candidate: Betty Landesman
  4.   Armed Forces Director  2012-2014  (2 years – from the Navy/Marine Corp communities). Candidate: Lucille Rosa
  5. Fundraising Committee will be chaired by Maria Pisa, assisted by Denise Lomax and Erica Stiner
  6. Marla Chesler has been appointed to complete the remainder of Kim Lyall Schultz’s term, June 2012 – 2013, as Betty Landesman is running uncontested for Angelique’s Simmons’ two-year term.  Marla will be joining the Board now due to Angelique’s resignation, so that we have two Federal Directors present as we plan for the ALA Annual Conference and the upcoming year.


  1. Update on ALA Annual programs (Anne)
    1. Vicky will contact Helen regarding enriching the blurb for Managing Federal Careers program
    2. Kelsey will enrich the blurb for Social Media program
    3. Anne has three speakers lined up for Disaster Response; will update blurb.
    4. We will keep the AV requests as submitted; can cancel equip if FAFLRT can bring its own projector.
  2.  FAFLRT Survey
    1. Vicky will send a reminder to the FAFLRT list to respond to the Survey
    2. Kathleen received one print survey. 
    3. Anne has received 33 Survey Monkey responses to date.
    4. Anne will close out the Survey Monkey survey when she returns from leave.
  3.  Next Board meetings (proposed): 


  1. April 6, 2012  - 11:00 AM
  2. May 18, 2012 -   11:00 AM – unless needed sooner