FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-February 8, 2012


FAFLRT Board Meeting

February 8, 2012

3:30 – 4:00 pm


Attendance:  Vicky, Anne, Karl, Jane, Betty, Kathleen (??)


  1. Update on elections and Committees


  1. Candidates need to self-nominate using the ALA form and submit their bios by the February 2, 2012 deadline.


  1. Vacancies include:


  1. Vice-President/President-Elect  2012-2015  (3 years – VP/Pres-Elect, President, Immediate Past President) (Candidate: Virginia Sanchez)


  1. Secretary  2012-2014  (2 years)  (Candidate: Kathleen Hanselmann)


  1. Federal Director  2012-2014  (2 years)  (Candidate: Betty Landesman)


  1. Armed Forces Director  2012-2014  (2 years – from the Navy/Marine Corp communities) (Candidate: Lucille Rosa)


c) Fundraising Committee:  Maria Pisa will chair, assisted by Denise Lomax and Erica Steiner  (Betty Landesman cannot participate due to her acquisitions responsibilities)


  1. Update on ALA Annual programs


  1. The original schedule for our programs has been revised to maximize potential attendance and minimize cost. 
  2. Anne Harrison will update the ALA Program Scheduler.
  3. We are requesting that the same room and setup be used for our meetings on Saturday, and again on Sunday.
  4. Maria Pisa and Shirley Loo will advertise and coordinate the Awards nominations
  5. Total cost for programs, including $2500 for catering the awards reception, is expected to be less than $7000.
  6. Schedule of FAFLRT Programs at ALA Annual:




Saturday, June 23

89380 - Social Media in Federal Libraries   10:30-12:00 – Moderated by Angelique Simmons?

89361 - Disaster Response - Lessons Learned   1:30-3:30


Sunday, June 24

89460 - Managing Your Career in Federal Libraries and Information Centers 9:00-11:00 – moderated by Jane Killian

89320 - Membership Meeting 11:00-12:00

89420 - Awards Reception  12:00-1:30 – refreshments to be determined later, based on cost.

89340 - Executive Board Meeting  1:30-3:30



  1.  Federal Librarian/survey
  1. Paper copies due to be mailed out by ALA at the end of this week.  Mailing was delayed due to ALA Midwinter meeting.
  2. Online survey responses – only one received by Kathleen so far.


  1.  2013 Budget approval
    1. The revised budget was approved by those Board members in attendance and will be forwarded to ALA by Jane Killian.
    2. The Board decided not to budget for income from donations or honoraria since we currently have no firm agreements in place and last year’s donations were less than anticipated.
    3. The Board decided to spend funds on programs that benefit the entire membership rather than on individual awards.
    4. If the Fundraising Committee is successful in obtaining corporate contributions or sponsorships, those funds could be used for individual awards.
    5. Because our only reliable source of income at this point is dues and advertising, to have a balanced budget, we must cut expenditures to equal that amount.
    6. Membership appears to be remaining relatively steady, with approximately 300 – 350 dues-paying members.
    7. The Board decided to cease printing and mailing the Federal Librarian rather than cut programs or raise dues.
    8. There is a reserve fund but the actual amount is still uncertain, according to Pat May at ALA. This should be enough to cover our planned 2012 expenses even if the corporate donations we had anticipated for this year do not come through.


  1.  Next Board meetings (proposed):
    1. February 24, 2012  11:00 AM (tentative)
    2. April 6, 2012  - 11:00 AM (tentative)