FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-January 27, 2012

Minutes of FAFLRT Board Meeting

27 January 2012

10:00 AM Eastern Time

Phone meeting

Members present, Erica, Angelique, Anne, Lucille, Karl, Jane, Kathleen & Vicky

The first order of business was to move the meeting time to 11:00 AM for members in the Western time zone.  The next meetings will be at 11:00 AM Eastern time on Feb 24 and April 6.

There was a general discussion of the ALA election process and that all offices need to be filled by 2 February.  Nominees must go straight to the form and enter their information.  We need someone to file for Federal Director, the rest of Kim’s term.

There was a discussion of survey responses and the deadline.  We also discussed the FAFLRT listserv and how to subscribe to it.  It is on the website and there are instructions on subscribing via Sympa.

There is a welcome letter from Vicky, as our current President, on our website.  

Erica is getting a list of members from ALA.  She will contact Ros Reynolds to find out if it is possible to get it monthly.  

There was general discussion regarding the ongoing results from the survey.  It runs through the end of February so we will discuss the results again at our meeting Feb 24 and when the results are final.

We are planning two programs for ALA in Anaheim.  Jane will be moderating Managing your Federal Career and Angelique will be moderating Social Media in the Federal Library.

Anne is checking into AV support for our programs, especially the cost.  We agreed that we MUST have Internet access for the Social Media program.

The Awards Luncheon is being planned by Maria Pisa and Shirley Ward.  Since Maria is retiring Karl will check with Shirley about help and plans.

 We need to recruit Award recipients.   There was some discussion of downloading the FAFLRT logo from the website for me to use on email and snail mail responses to survey respondents or award submitters.

Karl and Vicky both attended meetings at Midwinter that they shared reports on with us.  Many groups are asking for membership information and ALA is working on it.  There was general discussion on the money problems at ALA, and with various divisions. 

Our budget approval is being done by email and must be in by 3 February.  Anne said the 5k ad income is safe.  Our organizational members number under 10.   Jane said the party will cost 4.5k.