FAFLRT Board Meeting MinutesAugust 2, 2011, 2:00 – 3:30pm

1. Attendance:

a) Erica Stiner
b) Anne Harrison
c) Kim Lyall,
d) Lucille Rosa
e) Karl Debus Lopez
f) Vicky Crone
g) Kathleen Hanselmann

2. Minutes from previous meetings? – Lucille has May minutes, Vicky has June minutes. Drafts to be sent to Board for corrections then posted to website.

3. Next Board meeting – 10 AM (to accommodate time zones) – best day and date? Sept 12, 2011

4. Update on Budget – no report available.

5. Follow-up on ALA Annual programs and meetings: 

a) Karl attended all FAFLRT programs; Mil Lib program went especially well. Featured in CogNotes. Grey Lit and Grooming were both well attended.  Poor attendance was a problem with membership meeting. Difficult to determine what size room is needed for membership meeting.
b) Ann – spoke at Grooming Feds, well attended. Grey Lit also went well. Good topics and well organized.  The Sunday meeting was advertised as a membership meeting but wasn’t well attended, perhaps due to ALA being so busy.  Suggest that meetings and programs be scheduled back-to-back.
c) Are all the members also on the listserv? Email members to see why they aren’t on the listserv.
d) Do we need to have midwinter meetings?  Need to plan early in order to have plenty of time to advertise,  to encourage good attendance.  Use Go-To-Meeting or ALA Connect, before or after?  Announce through ALA?

6. Update of ALA website – Alba serving on review committee

7. Update of FAFLRT site – any additions, corrections, or suggestions?

8. Admin for FAFLRT listserv; membership roster  - who gets error message when message goes out to dead emails

9. July 2011 FAFLRT membership roster (~800 members)

10. Publicizing change in dues for student members > second year.  Minutes will contain; will Kim post to Google group, post to listserv.  When is next newsletter due out?

11. Round Table Coordinating Assembly needs a rep from FAFLRT; Karl will probably attend, President-Elect should attend, Friday morning at 10. Treasurer should also attend but Jane won’t be at Midwinter. Ann may be able to attend. Would like participants on the Strategic Planning group as well. Contact chair of RTCA for info. Erica is interested.

12. Legislation Committee would like additional FAFLRT rep. Contact Vicky. Erica is interested. Post to list?

13. ALA Midwinter financial workshop for budget – who is going? Karl may…

14. FAFLRT sponsorship of scholarships (SPECTRUM, Emerging leaders) Karl –
a) Sponsoring an Emerging Leader costs $1 – 2000. Diana from ASCLA suggested combining resources, develop a project for one person to do for both ASCLA/FAFLRT. FAFLRT proposes projects and if anyone is interested, they apply. Suggest Nancy and Helen be contacted for ideas. Vicky will contact. Project descriptions are online…Perhaps how to use social media more effectively? Analyze the pros and cons of merging with ASCLA?
b) SPECTRUM scholars are much more expensive to sponsor ($6000) .What’s in it for FAFLRT? Can this be co-sponsored?

15. Timing and viability of awards ceremony (cost per participant) – is ALA going to continue to have the exhibit grand opening on Friday? If so, what about Awards Luncheon and Membership Meeting on Sunday? Combine w/a tour? Reception? – tabled for future discussion

16. ASCLA collaboration or merger – tabled for further discussion.

17. Adding GoToMeeting option for board and membership meetings – cost is prohibitive at this point ($4000 per year)

18. Which of these FAFLRT committees are still active? Necessary? Who chairs?
a. Coalition for Effective Change - obsolete
b. Conference/ ALA Annual Program – Anne Harrison
c. Federal Personnel - obsolete
d. Handbook - obsolete
e. Membership – Erica Stiner
f. Nominating – Helen Sherman
g. Social Media – Kim Lyall

19. Use of ALA Connect – tabled for next meeting

20. “What are we doing here?”  - tabled for further discussion at next meeting. Poll (by personal email from membership list) of members to determine and prioritize FAFLRT programs and initiatives.  Also publish questions in the newsletter for those without emails.