FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes, June 26, 201110:30 – noon, MCC Room 346-347

1. Introduction of officers (Karl Debus Lopez, Vicky Crone, and Jane Killian were the only current officers in attendance)

2. Assignment of note-taker – Vicky Crone

3. No additions to the Agenda

4. Approval of minutes: insufficient officers present to approve minutes.

5. Collaboration with ASCLA (Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies)  -  presentation by Diana Reese of ASCLA and Karl Debus Lopez:

a) Karl attended the ASCLA Board Meeting during ALA.  
b) Karl will ask Ros for the overlap between FAFLRT and ASCLA membership.
c) There is a wide variety of types of members of ASCLA.  ASCLA serves specialized and special-needs patrons.
1) Much overlap in prisons programs; consider joint programs for 2012.
2) Accessibility is also a mutual interest w/CENDI, FADJI, FEDLINK, etc.
d) ASCLA shares a GoToMeeting license with RUSA. Cost sharing reduces the cost of meetings for each group. 
e) Also interested in collaborative programming and virtual learning. Karl, Anne, and Denise Lomax expressed interest in pursuing these and reviewing ASCLA’s programs for 2012. April in Paris with ASCLA?
f) ASCLA is developing a Strategic Plan; how does this overlap with FAFLRT?
g) The Emerging Leaders Program costs $1000 – could this be shared with ASCLA? Project and specifics for 2012 are due August 1.

6. Use of GoTo Meeting for FAFLRT Webinar programs – Vicky Crone will explore costs and opportunities and report back to the Board.  Streaming meetings? LITA is working on using SKYPE ; placing a toolkit on their web page.

7. Update on budget – Jane Killian: Better than in past years; ~$15,000 in the black as of May 31, 2011.   The bills will come in through Pat May of ALA by October 1.

8. Committee Liaison reports:

a. ALA Legislative Assembly – Vicky Crone: looking for more FAFLRT participation, at least to alert them to our concerns if not to be active directly.
b. Awards – Karl Debus Lopez, Vicky Crone:  Consider rescheduling annual awards ceremony to avoid conflict with the opening of the ALA Exhibit hall. Turnout of about 25 people for this year’s ceremony. Nice location, good food, nice presentations but not a very large crowd.
c. ALA Education Assembly – Helen Sherman:  Diversity in education, how to recruit and retain librarians.  GODORT has online courses in development
d. ALA Planning and Budget – Jane Killian: ALA is in good shape; attendance at the Conference is about 20,000. 
e. ALA Round Table Coordinating Committee – Karl Debus Lopez:  There are 18 round tables. What is the focus of this committee?
f. Internet/Web Enhancement – Alba Scott (not present).
g. Booth Coordinator – Eileen Welch: Need ideas for the booth, and need handouts and seals.
h. Archivist – Lucille Rosa (not present).
i. Bylaws and Constitution – Fran Perros (not present). No changes to bylaws were recommended by the subcommittee, per Vicky Crone.
j. Membership – Erica Stiner:  Need names of registered members; no recent list received.
k. Federal Librarian newsletter – Jane Sessa:  Will no longer send print copy to nonpaying members.
l. ALA Executive Board – Diane Chen is being replaced; will be notified of the new FAFLRT Liaison to the ALA Executive Board. 
m. Careers in Federal Libraries Preconference – Nancy Faget: ~ 80 attendees at Annual this year, ~ 40 potential new members
n. Any other reports? (none)

9. Program Chair for 2011 – 2012? Anne Harrison will serve, per the Bylaws.

10. Student Membership discussion – Board decided to maintain free membership for students for two years only. ALA will monitor and limit this benefit.

11. Communications – Use of Social Media – Kim Lyall (not present) Discussion tabled until Kim can participate

a. ALA Connect
b. FAFLRT blog, Twitter, Facebook, Email lists

12. Purpose and Future of FAFLRT (Who are we? Why are we here?)   Discussion tabled due to low attendance at this meeting; Board will address how to present this discussion to the Membership at a later date.

13. Additional Agenda Items:

a. FLICC changes – using the FEDLINK name (only) and reorganizing to de-duplicate working groups
b. Separate into two FAFLRT meetings at ALA Annual next year?

14. Handing over the Gavel to the New Board:
a. President: Vicky Crone (present)
b. Vice-President/President-Elect: Anne Harrison (present)
c. Federal Director: Kim Schultz
d. Armed Forces Director: Erica Stiner
e. Armed Forces Director: Lucille Rosa
f. Federal Director: Angelique Simmons
g. Secretary:  Kathleen Hanselman (present)
h. Treasurer: Jane Killian (present)
i. Past President: Karl Debus Lopez (present)