FAFLRT Board Plus Meeting Minutes, Monday, May 23, 2011 10:00-11:30

1.   Assignment of a Note taker:  Lucille Rosa volunteered.  In attendance:  Vicky Crone, Karl Debus-López, Jane Killian, Maria Pisa, Lucille Rosa, Erica Stiner, Angelique Simmons.

2.   Update on Budget -- Jane Killian:  We are doing very well and are in the black.  We have money for the reception. We are OK to pay bills.  Hopefully $$ for awards will be showing up. 

3.   Careers in Federal Libraries Preconference  -- Nancy was not present for the meeting, so we did not have an update; but, based on e-mails between Nancy and Karl everything seems to be arranged for a successful preconference.

4.  Awards Ceremony/Reception -- Maria Pisa and Vicky Crone

Awards/Checks -- who takes care of?  Program -- who speaks/who creates the program booklet/costs?  Plaques?  Arrangements with the Hotel Monteleone for food and drinks.  Do we need drink tickets like last year? 

ALA handles all the checks for the Awards.  Someone will meet us at the Reception and give us the checks.  We will use $2500 for the reception.  Vicky will make the arrangements with the hotel.  One drink ticket per person and hors d’oeuvres for about 75 people.  The Reception will last from 6-8 in the Queen Anne Ballroom at the Hotel Monteleone.  Awards ceremony will start at 7 to give folks a chance to socialize first.  Vicky said we are in good shape.  She will take care of getting the drink tickets to give out.  Maria needs the names of the sponsors so she can put them on the Program.

Recipient Rebecca Carlson will not be able to attend.  Candice is not sure.  If Maria is able to go to ALA, she will present awards and will do the “Program”.   If not, the presentations will be divided between Karl and Vicky.   Karl will do opening remarks.  Karl will bring a camera and take photographs.  Shirley is having the plaques done.  Certificates will be done by Maria.   Question arose as to whether Eileen Welch is still coordinating the booth at ALA Annual.  Karl will email her to see if she is still attending (she was and set up the FAFLRT information in the exhibit hall).  Maria will send her the photos from last year’s award ceremony for posting at the ALA booth.

5.  Programs -- need to address the following for all:

Notetaker for Federal Librarian

Armed Forces Librarianship Today -- Angelique and Lucille.  Lucille said at the very least, we need to have a screen in the room, for the program.  Lucille volunteered to bring a projector and said that most if not all of the panelists were bringing their own laptops.

Grey Literature in the Digital Age – Richard (not present)

Grooming Feds for Growth – Helen (not present)

 6.  Agenda for FAFLRT Board and Membership Meeting:   We finalized the agenda for the ALA Board and Membership.  

1.   Approval of previous minutes

2.   Use of Social Media – Kim Schultz later reported that three individuals had volunteered to join the Social Media Committee.

3.   Go to Meeting for Careers Program

4.   Outreach, etc.

5.   Passing of the gavel to Vicky and the new Board

6.   Anything else?  Later we added a discussion about collaborations with ASCLA and the future of FAFLRT to the agenda. Karl sent the agenda out to the FAFLRT list.