BOARD MEETING, Monday, February 7th, 2011 1:00-2:30 Eastern Time (202) 707-1855

Notetaker:   Vicky Crone

Members in Attendance:
Debus Lopez, Karl
Crone, Vicky
Killian, Jane
Lyall, Kim
Rosa, Lucille
Simmons, Angelique
Stiner, Erica

1.     Review of December 20th minutes – approved with minor spelling correction on Item 4 of draft.

2.     Treasurer's Report -- Jane

a.    Status of Funds – a little over $12,000 in the account
b.    Receiving payments from vendors for the newsletter – three vendors’ invoices have outstanding questions:

1.     POC for Serial Solutions?
2.    Unsure what Gale and Emerald committed to.
3.    Donation to Spectrum Initiative - $500 to be transferred; has not shown up on the current report
4.    FY12 Budget – Submitted by deadline Feb 1, 2011. Corrected amount for newsletter ($5300 for advertising income, $3000 expense for printing newsletter)

3.     2011-12 slate (completed) – Karl

a.    Erica Stiner continues as Armed Forces Director
b.    Kim Lyall continues as Federal Director
c.    Jane Killian continues as Treasurer
d.    Kathleen Hanselmann has been nominated for Secretary
e.    Anne Harrison has been nominated for VP/President-Elect

4.     ASCLA Virtual Convergence Webinar– Karl   

This program is similar content and platform to our Careers in Federal Libraries seminar. Karl will pursue the reimbursement FAFLRT is still due.
5.     Status of Careers in Federal Libraries Preconference – Karl

a.    41 people have already pre-registered.
b.    Room and equipment requests have been submitted. Still need to solicit donations toward the preconference.
c.    Not sure whether Nancy or Richard or someone else should approach LAC Group (Library Associates) for donations.

6.     Status of Programs

a.    Grooming Federal Librarians -- Helen (need Board rep.) – Vicky will assist. Rooms are set up but will need to bring and set up our own AV equipment.
b.    Military Librarianship Today -- Erica/Lucille – have sent out email to all of the initial respondents, expect slate of people by the end of the week.
c.    Grey Literature – Richard – Karl will contact Richard to get update on this. Not sure which day this program will be held.
d.    Will leave the bylaws unchanged regarding VP/President Elect serving as Program Chair.

7.     Student Membership decision for 2011-12 –

a.    Propose maintaining free membership to students, but no longer mail print newsletters since this cost is not offset.
b.    Karl will get a current membership list from Roz to verify its accuracy and identify how many are students. 
c.    Is there a way to identify students so that they are excluded from print mailings? If they can’t be excluded easily, then waiving dues will not be continued.
d.    There is no way to determine if students become paying members upon graduation, unless the membership list is manually reviewed. 
e.    Propose limiting free student membership to two years 
f.    The Federal Librarian is freely accessible via the Internet without ALA membership/login, but some of our constituency cannot readily access it.

8.     Communications – Kim is willing to look for student volunteers to handle these and will produce an announcement this week for the Board to review.

a.    Facebook
b.    LinkedIn
c.    Google and general listserv
d.    Blog -- need Blog editor
e.    ALA Connect – Vicky will investigate establishing a FAFLRT presence on Connect as a central place to post FAFLRT documents and news.

9.     Collaborations with DC/SLA
– Shirley Loo suggested increasing cooperative programs with FAFLRT.  There isn’t much overlap between FAFLRT (MD/DC) and DC/SLA memberships.  Speed Management and Knowledge Management programs may be good programs to explore; Karl will contact Lois Ireland, President of DC/SLA to discuss further.

10.     ALA Midwinter Discussion
- ALA is debating whether to continue Midwinter as an actual conference, or to convert it to a virtual conference. Given budget cuts and travel being frozen for Federal libraries in particular, it seems to make sense to pursue a more virtual platform. This way, even if budgets improve enough to allow more physical attendance, the virtual option will still be available.