Membership Meeting 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting (San Diego, CA) Sunday, January 9, 2011 10:30-12:00 a.m. Marriott Hall # 5

1. Call to order: Karl Debus-Lopez, FAFLRT President, called the meeting to order at 10:30.

15 people signed in. A picture was taken of some of the participants.

Karl and Lucille Rosa are the only two board members present.  Quorum is not met.  Minutes from past meetings cannot be approved.

2. Round the table introductions were made:

3. Reporting

A. ALA representative – Miguel Figueroa spoke on the Spectrum Scholarship Program. Miguel is the director of the American Library Association Office for Diversity.  He asks FAFLRT to support the Spectrum Scholarship with funds.  We explained that we had voted to support last year.  ALA has not received funds.  Karl will look into this and make sure it is paid.

B.  Bob Patrick, director of the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project spoke about the project.  Information can be located at  They collect stories of veterans and give tips for conducting and preserving interviews.  They also take original materials, letters, photographs, diaries.  Please pass the word among your patrons to help gather these stories.

C. FAFLRT will participation in the ASCLA Virtual Convergence Webinar on Jan. 21, 2011.  We will be part of three programs: “Careers in Federal Libraries”, “How to find a Federal Job”, and “Resume writing and Interviewing Techniques”.  This is a first experiment for us!   Fedlink is assisting with providing the venue.   Thanks to everyone participating!

D. Communications and outreach 1.    In the past we talked about using creative ways to get attention for FAFLRT – using facebook, twitter, blogs.  What should we concentrate on in the future?  “Careers in Federal Libraries” listserv has been very successful.  We are not on Facebook – discussion about how this is done.  Linked in seems more professional – perhaps we should get on that also?  Karl will take these ideas back to the board and look into this further.  He will ask if someone wants to be the new “blogger”.

E. Communications and outreach 2.    In the past FAFLRT did more local social events. Some members wish there were more of these.  Social events help to draw everyone together for networking and friendship.  DCSLA already does this with many activities.  Karl will contact them and see if we can join with them for some activities.

F. ALA Council representative – Diane Chen reports that Council might make a statement about the classified information leaked on Wikileaks.  The forum will meet Sunday night at 8:00 if anyone wants to come and speak on the subject.  She urges us to check out   for advocacy tips.  This is a great ALA website -- everyone should bookmark it!  Diane also pointed out that the ALA executive board sent out a “white paper” Dec. 30, 2010 discussing “the continuing viability of the ALA midwinter meeting.  For several reasons, the type of professional travel that many of us engaged in during the final quarter of the 20th century will not be sustainable.  Shrinking budgets, rising travel costs, and time constraints all are a problem.   ALA would like input on this topic.   Find it at this website:

4. President Karl Debus-Lopez closed the meeting at 12:00.  See you all in New Orleans this summer.

(Meeting notes provided by Sally Bosken)