Board Meeting, Monday, December 20, 1:00-2:30

Notetaker:  Vicky Crone

Debus Lopez, Karl
Crone, Vicky
Stiner, Erica
Rosa, Lucille
Simmons, Angelique
Loo, Shirley
Sherman, Helen
Perros, Fran
Sessa, Jane

1.   Volunteer to take minutes – Vicky

2.   Nov 22 minutes: change Jane Sessa to Jane Killiam, then accept.

3.  Treasurer's Report – Jane Killian

a. Will be slightly in the red if present projections are accurate. Costs from Careers in Federal Libraries at Midwinter were not included so canceling this did not save any money.

b. Need to invoice the companies who are running ads in the newsletter – who does this? (Jane Killian, or Richard Huffine?) This would be worth about $5600 that does not appear to be reflected on the budget.

4.  Committee Reports

a.  Internet/Web Enhancement – Alba Scott
1.    One major change to the FAFLRT web site this year was the addition of an “Events” page to include announcements for upcoming meetings and also as an archive of previous meetings. (  The new Events page includes all the content in the “Previous FAFLRT Workshops” page I would like to suggest that this page be deleted, and all the information about FAFLRT events be only posted in the “Events” page.
(The Board agreed that one Events page, divided into “past” and “future” sections, would be sufficient.)

2.    The Federal Librarian newsletter will now be published in one single html page, as approved by the FAFLRT Board. This change will simplify the publishing process for the html version of the newsletter and also improve the required accessibility standards required by ALA.

3.    ALA is migrating its content management system from Collage to Drupal around September 2011. In preparation for this migration, there were several items in the FAFLRT web site that needed to be “fixed” and brought to web standards. All the work has been done and the FAFLRT should be completely up to the standards required by ALA.

4.    Karl would like to have slides from past events added to the Events pages.
b.    Awards – Shirley Loo

Setting up deadline for date for submission of nominations (April 2011?)
Achievement award can be for anyone, distinguished service award must go to current FAFLRT member. Deadline for newsletter is February 15, so this will be too late to include.
  c.    Nominating – Helen Sherman
Have nominations for four of five positions:
Jane Killian – Treasurer
Erica Steiner – Armed Forces Director
Kim Lyall – Federal Director
Kathleen Hanselman Lakenheath – 1-yr secretary
No nominees for VP/Pres-Elect/Past Pres have accepted. Will review membership list for other potential candidates.
d.    Federal Librarian Newsletter – Jane Sessa

No problems with getting content or advertising, although sometimes it can be last-minute.

e.    Membership – Erica Stiner
Need to get a current list of actual MEMBERS (not just the FAFLRT listserv) from Ros.  Listserv list appears to contain people who are not dues-paying members. Are there any benefits you can only get through being a dues-paying member? Is the Google group an official part of the FAFLRT? Jan 2010 list contains 610 individual members
f.    By Laws and Constitution – Vicky
Fran, Richard, and Vicky are reviewing the Bylaws but have not discussed them as a group yet. Neither Vicky nor Fran have noted anything “major” yet that might need to be voted upon.
g.    NMRT Liaison – Kim – no report

h.    Roundtable Content Management Task Force – Mike

i.    Booth Coordinator – Eileen – no report; no booth at Midwinter; do have at Annual

j.    Archivist – Lucille – no report

k.    ALA Education Assembly – Helen – Jan 7, 4 – 5:15 discussion at Midwinter, open to anyone

l.    ALA Roundtable Coordinating Committee – Karl – meeting Friday AM, pulling together a manual for roundtables

m.    ALA Legislative Committee – Vicky – no report

n.    Still don't have a Program Committee Chair ; Karl is acting
5.  ALA Midwinter -- FAFLRT Membership Committee Meeting

Sunday, January 9th 10;30-noon; Marriott; Marriott Hall 5
1.   Introductions
2.   Presentation from Bob Patrick on the Veterans History Project
3.   Presentation on Spectrum Presidential Initiative
4.   Discussion on FAFLRT Communications and Outreach

Lucille Rosa, Fran Perros, and Jane Sessa will be attending Midwinter. Can someone lead the discussion on which tools to focus on for Communications and Outreach?
6.  ALA Summer – hold
Careers in Federal Libraries -- Karl/Nancy
Grooming staff within the Federal Workplace -- Helen
Armed Forces Librarianship Today -- Erica/Lucille
Grey Literature in the Digital Age -- Richard
7.  Reminder about ASCLA Webinar - hold
8.  Showing of EPA Libraries film at a FAFLRT venue? - hold