Board Meeting, September 8, 2010

via conference call

Attending: Jane Killian, Erica Stiner, Karl Debus-Lopez, Richard Huffine, Vicky Crone, Lucille Rosa, Kim Lyall,

Review of the minutes from ALA meeting in June. Correction of Erica’s name in one location. Approval of the minutes:

Treasurers Report: We’re over $15,000 in the black. As of July 31, 2010 $15,706.00. Thanks to Richard for fundraising. Debits from ALA in June. Richard has receipts for the brochures that will need to be paid and it doesn’t look like the catering bill has hit yet.

September 15, 2010 the Midwinter registration will open and will close by September 27, 2010. We’ll be booking a room for the Board meeting and the Careers in Federal Libraries preconference. We normally meet on Sunday morning. Kim and Erica would like to join virtually if possible. Jane suggested we do it on Friday virtually with a WebEx, etc. We could always meet after ALA at another time and via conference call. If the majority of folks cannot be in San Diego, we may save time and money by doing it a week later via conference call. We could have a Membership Meeting in lieu of a Board meeting.  Concern that this may be a poorly attended Midwinter Conference in general. Karl will reserve a room for a generic FAFLRT meeting in San Diego that we may or may not use for a Membership meeting.  We will definitely have a FAFLRT Board meeting after ALA Midwinter.

Karl asked about the size of Careers in Federal Libraries. Richard recommended planning for 120 people and a budget of about $1,200. He hasn’t been able to confirm a sponsor but is still working on that. Karl will confirm with Nancy Faget about the size and set-up of the room.

Karl asked about other obligations during the Midwinter Meeting: Membership Pavilion Booth; New Members Round Table – Karl will check with Eileen Welch and Kim will check with NMRT. Richard has copies of the FAFLRT Brochure if it is needed.

We can have a meeting in late October/early November to talk about what a membership meeting would look like for the Round Table. We could just do an open session to talk to the membership.

Nominating Committee – Last year we got information at the very last minute about getting our slate together. The deadline will be February 2, 2011. We will need nominations next year for Vice-President/President-Elect, Treasurer, Armed Forces and Federal Directors. Helen Sherman has volunteered to chair the Nominating Committee for 2011. Richard will be on the Committee. Karl will request a Membership List from Roz and the two will begin their work soon.

ALA Annual 2011 – Deadline is February 14 for programming submissions. We should get ideas from the membership and have a good group of programs for both Armed Forces and Federal Libraries. Ideas from the group:
  • Grooming staff within the Federal workforce: moving up; moving on; diversifying; breaking out of the mold. Fedlink HR workgroup does something like that annually. Helen Sherman could coordinate with them. Also address changes in the Federal hiring process. Vicky can approach Helen about that.
  • Grey Literature in the Digital Age – how is government publishing changing today? Richard could coordinate that.
  • Armed Forces Librarianship Today – Things affecting librarianship in the Armed Forces today. Erica Stiner and Lucille Rosa will think about the topic and come up with something. Naval Postgraduate School; Army Libraries; installation libraries, etc.
  • Solicit input from the membership on programming for 2011. Karl will craft a message to the membership and contact Rose Marie Krauss about her participation for New Orleans.

Rising Stars Program (Kim Lyall) – Nancy approached Kim about crafting a program/effort to involve more members and recognize FAFLRT members that are up and coming in our profession. They could start as profiles in the newsletter and expand as the interest grew. There are questions about “new” versus “young” and the definition of “rising.” The idea is to focus on folks that are new to the profession or new to serving Federal and Armed Forces Libraries. We could define new as within 5 years of starting in libraries. Kim will draft a solicitation to see who wants to be profiled.

The deadline for the newsletter is September 15, 2010. It would be nice if we had a more firm deadline for newsletter content and an expectation for its delivery. Richard will reach out to Jane to get the schedules for the rest of the year (2010-2011).

ASCLA/FAFLRT – ASCLA has suggested merging the Division with our Round Table. Diane Reese suggested forming a committee of the two groups to get together to discuss the merger. Karl has been uncertain about the value of this idea. Being part of a Division has some benefits but there isn’t much overlap and being subsumed by another group could reduce our visibility. Should we consider this? Should we select a committee of Board members to participate in a joint review across the groups? There was not a lot of interest in pursuing this from the FAFLRT Board in attendance.  Karl will contact Diane and tell her that we are not interested at this time, unless she has a more firm proposal that we can consider.

Bylaws Review – Should we review our Bylaws?   We need to review the bylaws to ensure that any outdated language is removed.  Lucille – it should be on the ballot at the same time as elections. Vicky Crone will contact Fran Perros about convening a committee.

Newsletter submissions – if we can have a plan for the year, we can work as a Board to get content for the Newsletter.

FAFLRT Communications – not using our Blog; not using ALA Connect; periodically use the listserv – should have a strategy for member communications? There are also Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Kim will check with Nancy on the status of all of our various communication accounts.   At our next meeting we will discuss which we should maintain.

Membership Committee – We don’t have one and we need to address that. The Chair can appoint someone to head that committee to track our membership and encourage people to join our Round Table. Erica would like to spearhead that. Richard will help.

Books for Troops – We can talk about that later or Karl will send an e-mail out.

The group adjourned at 4:03 p.m.

We’ll meet again in November.