Board Meeting ALA Annual Conference 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010 10:30-12:00 a.m.
JW Marriott Hotel, State room
(Meeting notes provided by Sally Bosken, FAFLRT Secretary 2008-2010)

1. Call to order: Richard Huffine , FAFLRT President, called the meeting to order at 10:30 at the JW Marriott state room. 24 people signed in.
Special thanks to Rose Marie Krauss for the wonderful awards ceremony. We had to change the location at the last minute. The food was fabulous.

Thanks to Maria Pisa and Shirley Loo for awards organization.  Thanks to everyone for working while we kept the secrets from Nancy and Shirley.  That event is always great because we get two experienced librarians and two new ones.  Also, thanks to ProQuest and LAC for funding the awards to the new librarians. Thanks to Ron Clowney for all his work that he did over the years.  He was a supporter of our round table over the years. 
We might get a whole new membership list. We should poll to find who needs paper copy and who would prefer an e-version off our newsletter.  We should reach out to student members of FAFLRT and ask what they want.

Student membership – Shirley was at the membership both and had a student from University of MD who didn’t know that membership was free. Richard will attend the new member’s round table and talk about it.

Who is handling our email list now?  ALA adds people on email list – maybe it isn’t working. James King used to do it – is it broken?  ALA would like us to use ALA Connect. Alba Scott is our webmaster.

2. Diane Chen ALA executive Board Liaison:
  1. 2015 Strategic plan – transforming the profession – 5 major goal areas
  2. New membership website/Materials – 50 new pages that say why you should join.
  3. Spectrum Initiative – Trying to raise million dollars.  IMLS grants for recruiting high school and college students to the profession.
  4. Advocacy: Capwiz Milestone – Now has 100,000 members. It is a great way to contact your congressmen. 
  5. ESEA Resolution – No Child Left Behind is terrible for libraries; many school librarians lost their jobs.  ALA is requesting Congress to include school libraries.
  6. Virtual conference July 7 & 8 – Two days of ALA programming designed for those who couldn’t attend.
Comments for Diane -- We don’t want ALA making statements about things that don’t pertain to ALA.  Focus on library things, not on the war.

3. Treasurers report – Many thanks to all those groups that gave us money for programming. Newsletter advertising has been going well. Advertising money is paying for the newsletter.  Please send in articles and ideas and photos.  Think of working with the newsletter. Volunteer to be on the fund raising committee; Richard will continue next year. We don’t know all the expenses because most of it is spent this week.  Have about $7,000 to carry forward

4. New Business:

Richard would like to do a directory of federal libraries and military libraries and have vendors do advertising.  We should have a publication like this.   Fedlink would probably love it.  Lynn said that people don’t want it because of vendors would use it to try to sell things.  Fedlink could piggy back but they can’t give out information.  If FAFLRT makes the effort, Fedlink could facilitate. We represent the US government; we have to be careful that it doesn’t look like an endorsement. Karl Debus-Lopez asked:  does the ALA directory code their list by type of library?  Richard will start a committee and see if we can do this. He will report back to the board and see if this will fly.

Think about worthwhile candidates for next year’s awards.  Every year student awards get better and better.  Perhaps we should think of establishing more awards for travel scholarships. Richard will look into getting more support. 

Rose Marie Krauss thanks her committee for all their work. 

Richard moves that we send $500 as a round table donation to endow the Spectrum scholarship.  Erica seconds. Board voted and approved.

Board meeting closed.  Gavel turned over to Karl Debus-Lopez as the new president.  Karl thanks Richard for all the work that he did and for improving our financial situation.  Richard said the previous board gave him two mandates – raise money and member engagement. 

Membership Meeting:

Thanks to Nancy Faget for her Careers in Federal Libraries which has been so successful. Nancy would love to have a helper. 

Shirley Loo said we used to have a fall or spring gathering; State Dept or Commerce would be good locations. Perhaps DC/SLA, DC/ALA and FAFLRT would all be happy to gather together.  

2011 annual conference program: We need to come up with some programs in New Orleans:  would love to have member ideas.  Richard knows someone who works at a federal library in NOLA. Maria Pisa said there is a USDA lab in New Orleans. is an initiative of Obama administration to expose data for the public.  Every agency told to give 3 data groups. Others can then build the apps to use the data.  Jean Holmes from NASA will be speaking on Tuesday at “Connecting with the feds” about this. will give you short urls; this is a good shortening service and they will be permanent. is doing a great job for us and for librarians.

We should have a poster session after our business meeting and have food with that; STSC does this.  Richard would want to raise the money to have the posters professionally made so they would look nice.  Can a round table do a poster session different from ALA?  Poster sessions are much fancier than they used to be.

Karl asked about deadlines for next year; we weren’t listed in any of the tracks in the programming this year.  When is the deadline for this? Rosalind Reynolds is our local ALA rep in the Washington office.  It would be helpful to have a meeting with Rosalind and include Karl, Vicky and Richard.

Richard asked if we should have different board meeting and membership meeting times. Thoughts on that? ALA says you can’t have everything on one day.    We used to have a larger turn out for the old membership meeting; maybe could we combine the membership meeting with the awards.

Suggestion that we do a program on military base libraries:  we are like a public library overseas.  We also send boxes and boxes of books to the soldiers. 

Suggestion that we use “Skype” at mid winter or use conference calls?  More people could attend at a much lower cost!

Meeting closed at 12:00 by the new president, Karl.