Membership Meeting ALA Annual Conference 2008

June 29, 2008

  •   Membership passed the waiving of dues for students and retirees.
  • Janet talked about the issues we had already done.
  • Committee Reports:
  • Helen Sherman, Education Liaison spoke on the FLICC Forum and the Tech Program.
  • Maria Pisa reported on Award Recipients: Achievement Award went to Robert E. Schnare, Jr.; Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship Award went to Alina Johnson; the Adelaide del Frate award went to Cynthia Blaschke.
  • Eileen Welsh, Booth Coordinator, pointed out that we were #1840 in the Membership Pavilion.
  • Jannie Davis, Armed Forces Federal Director for the Army/Air Force, reported that the Army is producing reports which will include stats from Libraries.
  • Fran Perros reported for the Nominating Committee.
  • Marie Nelson provided a Treasurer’s report that shows we ended in the black.
  • Lucille Rosa reminded everyone that materials to be sent to the archives from offices and committees need to go to her for submission.
  • Meeting adjourned.