Board Meeting ALA Annual Conference 2008

June 29, 2008
8:00-10:00 am


  1. Call to order

    Janet Scheitle, FAFLRT President, called the meeting to order. Janet Scheitle recognized two Washington Office Staff members: Rosalind Reynolds, ALA rep to FAFLRT, and Jessica McGilvray.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting

    The Board held two teleconferences this past year. Minutes of the 6/4/08 teleconference were approved.
  3. Old Business

    Nancy Faget spoke about our events here at ALA; the Listening Sessions that were held; the article on p. 14 of the Cognotes which mentioned our afternoon session. She thanked Mary Ghikas for the help she gave us.

    Michelle Chronister, our ALA Assistant, will attend our meetings and write them up. She's an MLS intern.

  4. Reporting

    1. RTCA (Round Table Coordinating Assembly):

      • ALA President Jim wants electronic participation.  ALA purchased OPAL and he wants us to use podcasts, YouTube.
      • The conference will end one day earlier next year.   ALA is also reducing the number of meeting rooms and encouraging folks to use time slots better.
      • A new Advocacy Group has been established.
      • Janet will be doing a session entitled ALA 101.
      • ALA has a new website and they are looking for our feedback.
      • Speaker fees:  ALA members cannot be paid a fee by a Round Table to speak.  Any speaker who is a librarian must register for the conference in order to be a speaker.  Mary Ghikas is looking at this carefully.  However, Round Tables can use their OWN money to pay for a speaker's conference registration.
      • There has been some interest in how much money is being spent on the ALA Presidential Race.
    2. Information Impact Statement:

      Jane Sessa sees it as not such a useful tool.  Richard Huffine thought that it did not appear that the impact statement would go anywhere.  Bernadine is looking for it to go into the Federal Register.  Jane Sessa is not comfortable with the document in it’s current form.  Should the document be put forth as a recommended best practice?  Nancy Faget suggested using OPAL sessions to discuss. Nancy Faget’s Motion concerning the impact statement:  That FAFLRT recommend that any ALA subcommittees should not move forward at this conference until we fully vet it with all stakeholders and constituencies.  The motion passed. Jane Sessa sensed that the group working on the Impact Statement would not approve it.   Jane requested that we briefly discuss the Subcommittee on Legislation-FAFLRT Committee on Legislation. Richard Huffine proposed the following motion:  The FAFLRT Executive Board requests that the Committee on Legislation discontinue the Committee on Legislation Subcommittee on Federal Libraries and refer future issues to the FAFLRT Committee on Legislation.  FAFLRT commits to coordinating their efforts with other Round Tables and stake holders. The FAFLRT Executive Board believes the Subcommittee has completed their charge and done an excellent job in raising the issue to the membership of ALA and to the American Public.  Motion passed.
    3. FAFLRT Dues

      Discussion turned to charging dues to students to belong to the round table.  Fran Perros said that only one other Round Table charged nothing.  Most fees ranged from $5-10.  Maria suggested eliminating fees for students for a trial period of one year to see how it might work.  Retired Librarians could also fall into the same class.  The thought is that more students might join if membership were free.  Were that to happen, we could bring them on board sooner and get the word out on a broader level. Report of the Membership Chair:  Currently total membership is 367.  Lost 10 and gained 8. Cynthia Blaschke wanted to see if there was any way to reach out to distance education students.  Virtual sessions were amongst the suggestions offered. This Round Table does not get/have high visibility.  Nancy suggested compiling a list of Grad Schools that have a federal information class and then contacting them.  Maria suggested getting the students involved early. Nancy Faget Motion:  Approve waiving fees for Students and retirees for the next 2 years.  Motion passed.  ALA will get this ready for Sept. 1.
    4. FAFLRT Web Site

      Nancy suggests that we look at the site and send comments to James.  One suggestion was to add a blurb or a link to provide a place to volunteer.  Send pictures and bio if you are a committee chair.  What’s in it for you?  Jannie volunteered to mentor students.
    5. Sponsorship Report:

      Michelle Worthington got 3K from LexisNexis.  Proquest gave 2K – Janet Scheitle.  Discussion ensured about seeking less used sponsors.
  5. New Business

    • Richard Huffine wants to pursue classification restructuring of librarians.  Examine relationship between librarians and contract librarians.  Can contract librarians serve on the FAFLRT board?  Some thought no, others yes.
    • Nancy Faget said that she will get the new Committee Chairs put up on the website.
    • Marie Nelson reported on the costs involved with the production of the newsletter.  Rosalind stated that she will examine the publication as it is done in the ALA Office.
    • Reports from various chairs & committees were held for the membership meeting.
    Executive Board meeting ended at 1003.