FAFLRT Board Meeting


Sunday, June 24 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
(Hyatt Regency Capital Hill, Regency A)

Monday, June 25
10:30 am – 12:00 n
(Doubletree Washington, Terrace Ballroom)

Notes from B. Carr

Call to order and acceptance of agenda - Bobbie Carr

Minutes of Midwinter Meeting - Belinda Pugh

Membership Report

This report was given at the Membership Meeting by B. Carr.

Treasurer & Budget Report - Carol Bursik

  • Beginning Net Assets $977.93
  • Ending Net Asset Balance $5,463.69
  • Bills in the amount of $4,365. have been sent to the companies who advertise in the Federal Librarian. When received, we will have an Ending Net Asset Balance of approximately $9,828.69.

Newsletter Report - Jane Sessa

Committee Reports

  • ALA Round Table Coordinating Assembly – Bobbie Carr
  • Annual Program – James King
  • Archives – Lucille Rosa
  • Awards Committee – Shirley Loo
  • Bylaws & Constitution – Fran Perros
  • FAFLRT Website – James King – submitted written report
  • Booth Coordinator – Eileen Welch
  • Federal Personnel – Linda Resler
  • Nominating Committee – Bobbie Carr for Margaret Groner - has four candidates

Liaison Reports

  • ALA Councilor – Mary McInroy
  • ALA Education Assembly – Helen Sherman – IFLA will be in Durban, SA. Librarian shortage. Brain drain from developing countries.
  • ALA Liaison - Reginald Scott
  • ALA Legislation Assembly – Georgette Harris is our rep. now, not Jane Sessa
  • ALA Planning and budget Assembly – Carol Bursik
  • Coalition for Effective Change – Jane Sessa
  • FLICC Liaison – Helen Sherman
  • IFLA Liaison – Beacher Wiggins—not present, did not submit a report
  • Public Employees Round Table – Fran Perros submitted a written report

Old Business

  • FAFLRT operating manual—the old FLRT operating manual was accepted by Nancy Faget to serve as a model for a new FAFLRT manual.

New Business

  • Vacant secretary position—Belinda Pugh was persuaded not to resign.
  • 2008 meeting schedule
  • 2008 reception Margaret Groner has volunteered to assist with planning
  • Federal Library Fellowship
  • Strategic planning/FAFLRT programming
  • Membership drive
  • Recognition for Andrew Carroll—there was some discussion regarding a commendation to recognize Andrew Carroll for his work in reviving and distributing the Armed Forces Editions to support our deployed troops. Jane Sessa said that she would work on that.
  • FAFLRT’s advocacy role
  • ALA's involvement with non-library (?) issues