Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table Membership Meeting

ALA Annual Conference 2007
Washington, DC

The Meeting was called to order by FAFLRT President, Bobbie Carr —Membership Meeting—Annual 2007

(notes from Bobbie Carr)

  1. President's Report
    • While overall ALA membership has dropped slightly, from 62,293 in May 2006 to 61,086 in May 2007, FAFLRT membership is up to 377 members from 362 in 2006.
    • ALA Midwinter 2008 will be January 11-16 in Philadelphia, and Annual will by June 26 – July 2 in Anaheim, California.
    • Notes from the RTCA Meeting on Friday:
      • The Website Advisory Committee of the Assembly reported a new link has been created to support library advocacy. The Committee is experimenting with videostreaming, online communities, and working on an ALA social network.
      • Michael Gorman, the Executive Board Liaison to RTCA, reported:
        • The dues increase has enabled the Office of Library Advocacy to hire a ½ time l lobbyist for the Washington Office and a ½ time librarian for ALA.
        • The Emerging Leaders program will continue
        • ALA is working on a Web redesign
        • Twice the number than usual registered for Library Day on the Hill
        • Trying to expand liaison role to RTS
    • Elections and Membership. We were reminded that the nominating committees must work closely with the ALA staff liaison. What we submit is what gets on the ballot, spelling errors and all. If members want paper ballots, they should contact member services.
    • Any contracts/agreements we sign—n matter how small—must come through ALA—work with the staff liaison.
    • One Round Table a day will be featured at the Joint Pavillion at ALA.
    • The RTCA Moderator for Midwinter and Annual 2008 is Nanette Donahue from the NMRT.
    • FAFLRT is sponsoring a number of fine programs at Annual this year:
      • Open source publishing, led by James King
      • Careers in Federal Libraries (co-sponsors FLICC, DC/SLA, DCLA, Library Associates, LSU School of Library and Information Science) , led by Nancy Faget
      • Tours of the Census Bureau Library on Friday and Tuesday, Catherine Earles
      • Co-sponsor of a program with the SRRT on the EPA libraries
      • Awards reception—thanks to the planners: Carol Bursek, Fran Perros, Jane Sessa, the sponsors, and the Awards committee: Shirley Loo, Maria Pisa, Nancy Faget
      • I’d like to draw special attention to the ALA President’s program about the role we, as librarians, play in preserving the environment. The program, entitled A contract with our future will be presented by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Sunday, June 24 3:30 – 5:30.
    • Introduce intern—Becky Riti
    • Thanks to the Board Members for your support this past year
      • Treas. Carol Bursik
      • Sec. Belinda Pugh
      • Armed Forces Director Cynthia Shipley
      • Federal Director Sally Bosken

      The following were elected to serve as officers this coming year:

      • Vice-President, President-Elect , Nancy Faget
      • Treasurer, Marie Nelson
      • Federal Director: Doria Grimes
      • Federal Director: Linda Resler
      • Armed Forces Director, Jannie Davis
    • The award winners this year are:
      • Ms. Maria Pisa – FAFLRT Distinguished Service Award
      • Ms. Alba Scott, San Jose State University – Adelaide del Frate Conference Sponsorship Award
      • Ms. Allison L. Snell, Louisiana State University – Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship
    • Actions of the Board the past year:
      • Contributed to:
      • ALA’s strategic plan
      • Principles for digital content
      • Voted unanimously to administer the Cicely Phippen Marks scholarship
      • Voted unanimously to co-sponsor the SRRT EPA program
      • Voted not to support Emerging Leaders initiative – not much prior notice, small budget, already providing a Conference Sponsorship
    • Midwinter turnout was very low. There was no quorum. We discussed the upcoming membership meeting and Helen Sherman and Belinda Pugh volunteered to speak about their libraries. The two presidential candidates, Nancy Davenport and James Rettig stopped by, as did candidate for treasurer, Rodney M. Hersberger.
    • I'm very sorry to announce that we will lose Belinda as secretary as she has no hope of attending the meetings.
    • Friday evening, Jewell Player, Maria Pisa, and I represented FAFLRT at the Spectrum Professional Options Fair. Sally Bosken will be representing us at the New Members Round Table on Sunday evening.
    • Any attendees who would like to take part in the governance of FAFLRT are encouraged to telephone or e-mail one of the officers listed on FAFLRT’s home page.
    • Please note the Board Meetings will be held from 10:30 – 12:00 today in the Ticonderoga Room, this hotel and tomorrow morning from 10:30 – 12:00 in the Doubletree Washington, Terrace Ballroom
  2. Jane Sessa reported on the activities of the ALA legislation Assembly.
  3. The meeting concluded with presentations on a number of federal libraries by:
    • Lucille Rosa, Head, Tech Services, Eccles Library, Naval War College
    • Belinda Pugh, Director, U.S. Marine Corps Library, Iwakuni, Japan
    • Sally Bosken, director, U.S. Naval Observatory Library
    • Helen Sherman, Deputy Director, User Services, Defense Technical Information Center and Wendy Hill, Defense Technical Information Center