Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table (FAFLRT) Board Meeting

ALA Midwinter Conference, 2007
Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Seattle, WA
Sunday, January 21, 2007

(Notes from Bobbie Carr)


Bobbie Carr, Belinda Pugh, Donna Ramsey, Reginald Scott, Helen Sherman.

Treasurers Report:

Carol Bursik sent copies of the Treasurers report for distribution. She noted that FAFLRT should be able to break even with a little surplus, although a larger carry-over to the next fiscal year would be desirable. Based on the Performance Report of November 30, 2006, the Ending Net Asset Balance is $901.20.

ALA Annual Program:

Bobbie Carr reported that FAFLRT has many activities planned for the 2007 Annual Meeting. Nancy Faget has been appointed Chair of the Program Committee for the 2008 Program in Anaheim, California.

ALA Round Table Coordinating Committee:

Bobbie Carr attended the RTCC meeting. Michael Gorman reported to the RTCC from the ALA Executive Board that the ALA strategic plan, “Ahead to 2010” is being implemented. Watch for a matrix tracking progress on the ALA Website. The ALA Website itself is being redesigned; there will be a preliminary version and opportunity for feedback by June.

Mr. Gorman noted that the last diversity count study by gender, age, race, found that while the majority of librarians are white females from 45-54 years of age, ethnic minorities are increasingly represented. Sixty-nine Spectrum scholarships were awarded last year.

He noted that, spurred by recent decisions by the Library of Congress, ALA has appointed representatives to working groups to discuss with LC the future of bibliographic control and bibliographic access.

John Chrastka reports from ALA that funds may be available to assist Round Tables with marketing efforts. Round Tables are also encouraged to make use of AL Direct to post news items. A conference pavilion will be available in DC with a dedicated space for each RT.

Awards Committee:

Bobbie Carr, reporting for Shirley Loo, announced a new FAFLRT Scholarship. The donation of the $1500 scholarship was made to honor the memory of Cicely Phippen Marks by her husband, Mr. Charles L. Garris. Ms. Marks, a long time federal librarian and past member of FAFLRT, passed away in July 2006. The award is to go to a deserving library school student enrolled in an ALA-accredited masters program who has an interest in working in a federal library.

Membership Committee:

Donna Ramsey

Nominating Committee:

Bobbie reported that Margaret Groner has nominees for two of the open positions and welcomes suggestions or volunteers to run for office.