Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table Board Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting, 2005
Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
Saturday, January 15, 2005 Attendees: Carol Bursik, Georgette Harris, Lynn McDonald, Marie L. Nelson, Maria Pisa, Donna Ramsey, Linda M. Resler, Lucille M. Rosa, Reginald Scott, Jane Sessa, Joan Taylor
  1. The meeting was called to order at 12:36 p.m. by FAFLRT President Linda Resler.
  2. The minutes of the June 26, 2004 Annual Membership Meeting were amended to correct the spelling of Cindy Etkin in item 9. a. With that correction, the minutes of that meeting, as well as the Board Meetings held on June 26 and June 28, 2004, were accepted as written.
  3. Membership Report. Joan Taylor reported that ALA only showed 50 FAFLRT members, which is an error that ALA has somehow made in confusing the merger of the two prior organizations, FLRT and AFLRT. A more accurate figure would be approximately 350 members, which includes the corporate members. This number is down from the approximately 400 members we showed at the 2004 Annual Meeting.
  4. Treasurer's Report and Budget Report. Carol Bursik distributed: 1). "Financial Statement for FY2004, Based on Final Performance Report of October 13, 2004." It showed Beginning Net Assets (9/01/03) of $3,271.93, Revenues for the Year of $4,770.07, and Expenses for the Year of $11,651.10, therefore leaving a Net Revenue (Expense) of ($4,266.93), and Ending Net Asset Balance of ($995.00). There was an Ending Net Asset Balance in the AFLRT Account of $431.25, leaving a Final Ending Net Asset Balance deficit of ($563.75). Part of our deficit problem is that ALA has erred in not crediting dues from members of our previous organizations (AFLRT and FLRT) to FAFLRT. 2). "Financial Statement for FY2005, Based on the Performance Report of January 3, 2005" shows Beginning Net Assets (9/01/04) of ($995.07), Revenues for the Year of $3,026.74, Expenses for the Year of $11,651.10, for Net Revenue (Expense) of $831.00, Ending Net Asset Balance of $200.87, Ending Net Asset Balance in AFLRT Account of $432.25, for a Final Ending Net Asset Balance of $633.12. 3). The original projected FY 2005 budget was also distributed, indicating planned revenues and expenses of $16,260.00, as a tool for discussing the FY2006 budget projection. Discussion took place regarding ways to decrease expenses. The newsletter costs approximately $7000/year, of which $5400 alone is for typesetting. Reggie Scott suggested we investigate using the printer that ALA uses for possible savings. Based on these discussions, Carol will prepare a FY2006 Budget shortly and email it to the Board for approval before it is submitted to ALA. Also, in relation to the budget, it was reported that Margaret Groner will be contacting a vendor regarding sponsorship of our Scholarship Award. The Treasurer's Report was accepted.
  5. Newsletter Report. Jane Sessa reported that February 15 is the next newsletter deadline, and suggested items be submitted to her at jsessa4@comcast.net. The Board accepted the motion that vendor advertising be included in the online version of the newsletter, published on the ALA FAFLRT web site, after it was determined that there are no legal ramifications regarding the ads being published online, in addition to being in the print edition. Additional vendor support for the newsletter will also be sought.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Archives Report, and Armed Forces Director Report. Lucille Rosa states that archival material is still being sought from FLRT, AFLRT, and the current body, FAFLRT. Also, in her role as Armed Forces Director, she distributed the Air Force and Army Reports. Some highlights: The Air Force Libraries now have a presence on the Air Force Portal; establishing a "Central Standardized Integrated Library System" for all the Air Force Libraries remains a hot topic; and an online AF Group Catalog is being discussed. The Army Libraries report having central training funds for ACTEDS development, and the development of a new statistical reporting system called METRICS (Measurement, Tracking, Information & Collection System), which replaces the old ALMRS system.
    2. Annual Program. Donna Ramsey, Annual Program Chair, distributed the information regarding FAFLRT's 2005 meeting in Chicago, to be held on Saturday, June 25, 2005 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. The Board decided on a program title change from "Outsourcing, the Federal Experience, and What it Means for Citizens," to "Competitive Sourcing: How it Affects Access to Information; The Federal Experience." The program will consist of a four-person panel discussing pros and cons of outsourcing, with reference to their own experiences. Donna has already lined up three panelists, and has possibilities for the fourth.
    3. FAFLRT Web Site. Linda Resler reported that James King remedied some web site problems, and is ready to load any missing meeting minutes.
    4. Awards Committee. Maria Pisa, co-chair, reported that FAFLRT is soliciting nominations for the three awards that FAFLRT will present at ALA in June. Suggestions should be sent to her by March/April.
    5. Booth Coordinator. No report.
    6. Federal Personnel. Georgette Harris reported that there was a meeting with OPM representatives, but results weren't particularly significant.
    7. Nominating Committee. Linda Resler reported that we are soliciting for suggested nominations for the ALA spring election FAFLRT ballot. She does have two possibilities for the Armed Forces Director. Names mentioned were Bobbie Carr and Cindy Shipley. Paula Vincent was named as a possibility for Federal Director. Carol Bursik agreed to again run for Treasurer. February 4 is the ALA deadline for ballot submissions.
  7. Liaison Reports
    1. ALA Planning and Budget Assembly. No report.
    2. Coalition for Effective Change. Jane Sessa reported that their focus has been personnel issues, but has nothing further to report.
    3. Public Employees Round Table (PER). Jane Sessa, reporting for Fran Perros, stated that PER is disbanding, but may merge with another organization.
    4. FLICC. Lynn McDonald reported that: 1). Susan Tarr is retiring on February 3, 2005, and Kathryn Mendenhall will be the interim head; 2). The Content Management Working Group is working on their home page; 3). A future FLICC program on Open Access and Constraints to Access is scheduled for Thursday, March 24, 2005; 4). FEDLINK will be reimbursing those who lost money ($455,000 total) in the Faxon bankruptcy. However, there may only be a 20 cent on the dollar return from Faxon, with the remaining balance coming out of FEDLINK reserves; 5). FEDLINK will soon be implementing a new financial system, which is the same one that LC implemented; 6). FEDLINK is working on the wording of the new serials' contracts, and hopes to announce vendors by the end of January; 7). There will shortly be a new Request For Proposal book out for the new FY.
  8. Old Business.
    1. Linda reported that one of the ALA Presidential candidates plans to visit Sunday's FAFLRT Board Meeting. (Note: She did not show up.)
    2. Annual Meeting discussion took place:
      1. If FAFLRT were to hold a Friday evening reception on June 24, 2005 in Chicago, the use of the Pritzker Military History Library has been offered to us at no cost. It is a 10 minute taxi ride away from the Convention Center, and perhaps Gale might fund buses to it. It was decided that it would be desirable to revert back to holding a separate Friday FAFLRT reception, instead of co-sponsoring one with GODORT. Reggie Scott volunteered his ALA office to prepare the flyer to advertise the reception, but we would need to pay for the mailing labels. Also, we need to publicize it in our newsletter.
      2. Whether or not to have a FAFLRT Breakfast at the Saturday morning General Membership Meeting on Saturday, 25 June, 2005, was discussed, due to budget issues. We would need a sponsor to fund the breakfast in order to have one.
      3. FAFLRT also needs a sponsor for the FAFLRT ALA Scholarship.
    3. Mr. Scepanski, our round table representative (represents 12 of the smaller round tables) to the ALA Council, visited our meeting, and reported that he will represent our views and will supply us with reports of the ALA Council meetings, such as information on a Strategic Plan on which ALA is working. He also reported that ALA is discussing considerations for changing the dues structure, such as making it salary-based.
  9. The meeting adjourned at 1:57 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Marie L. Nelson