Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table Annual General Membership Meeting

ALA Annual Conference, 2004
Renaissance Resort Hotel, Orlando, FL
Saturday, June 26, 2004 Attendees: Donna Bailey, Sally Bosken, Michelle Brosins, Carol Bursik, Pam Doffek, Ava J. Everett, Jane Garrison, Patricia Goldman, Arthalene Gordey, Margaret J. Groner, Andrea Gruhl, Georgette Harris, Shirley Loo, Tim Mitchell, Nellie Moffitt, Brian Moher, Marie L. Nelson, Rebecca Pernell, Fran Perros, Maria Pisa, Jewel Player, Linda Resler, Lucille M. Rosa, Reginald Scott, Jane Sessa, Cynthia Shipley, Joan R. Taylor, Susan Tarr, Amos Tookes, Eileen Welch
  1. Welcome and Call to Order. Margaret Groner, FAFLRT President, called the official portion of the meeting to order at 8:40 a.m., following the breakfast social.
  2. Membership Report. Joan Taylor reported that as of April 2004, FAFLRT had 351 personal members and 62 Organizational/Corporate members, for a total of 413 members. This is similar to last year's numbers.
  3. Awards Committee Report. Shirley Loo and Maria Pisa presented the three FAFLRT awards:
    1. Rebecca Pernell, an intern at NIH's National Library, Health Sciences, and a graduate of the Library School at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, was the recipient of the 2004 Adelaide del Frate Conference Sponsorship Award, and received $1000 towards ALA Conference expenses.
    2. Carol J. Bursik, U.S. Dept of Justice, received the FAFLRT Distinguished Service Award for 15 years of faithful service to our organization, and for her distinguished career and service to the library profession.
    3. Susan Tarr, Director of FLICC/FEDLINK, received the FAFLRT Achievement Award, recognizing achievement in the promotion of library and information service and the information profession within the Federal and Armed Forces' communities.
  4. Introductions were made by each attendee.
  5. Minutes of the 2003 Annual General Membership Meeting were presented in summary fashion by Marie Nelson. (They had been previously published in the Federal Librarian, and approved by the Board at the January 2004 Board Meeting.)
  6. President's Report. Margaret Groner.
    1. Members were encouraged to attend FAFLRT's program at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, "What's In, What's Spin: Winning Strategies for Marketing Your Library," presented by Leslie Barrett, Vice President of Outsell, Inc, and the joint Reception with GODORT on Sunday evening.
    2. Plans for next year's program need to be determined very soon, along with the submission of the 2005 ALA Annual Conference Meeting Space Request Form. Potential program topics will be discussed at our upcoming Board Meetings. Ideas are welcome.
    3. Jordan Scepanski is the newly elected ALA Councilor representing our Round Table, as well as six others. He will give us a report at the Saturday FAFLRT Board Meeting.
  7. Newsletter (Federal Librarian) Report and Acknowledgment of FAFLRT Supporters for the 2004 ALA activities. Jane Sessa reported that the newsletter needs advertisers and more articles to be submitted. Some of the past newsletter advertisers have been Proquest, ISI, Sirsi, Telesec, and Gale. The next newsletter deadline is August 15, 2004. The FAFLRT program supporters for the 2004 annual conference were also recognized: Proquest (Membership Breakfast), Outsell (Program), and Gale (Sunday co-reception with GODORT).
  8. Treasurer's Report. Carol Bursik reported that FAFLRT is solvent, but is falling behind in receiving vendor advertising revenues, due to ALA billing problems. The June 18, 2004 Financial Statement for FY 2004, based on the Performance Report of April 30, 2004, shows Beginning Net Assets of $3,271.93, Revenues of $4,739.15, Expenses of $6,451.76, for a Net Revenue (Expense) figure of ($1,712.61) (negative amount) for the year, leaving an Ending Net Asset Balance of (positive) $1,559.32. The final Balance figure will be higher when we receive the additional advertising revenues due us.
  9. Nominating Committee Report. Jewel Player reported that although it was difficult to find people to volunteer for office, a successful slate was produced. Those elected to FAFLRT offices in ALA's spring elections were:
    1. Cindy Etkin - Federal Director
    2. Lucille Rosa - Armed Forces Director
    3. Marie Nelson - Secretary
    4. Georgette Harris - Vice President/President-Elect
  10. Other Committee Reports:
    1. FLICC Report. Susan Tarr discussed FLICC, which stands for Federal Library and Information Center Committee, and its founding of the FEDLINK service.
      1. FEDLINK issues:
        1. The Faxon bankruptcy impacted a number of libraries. Claims reports are being done, and some publishers continue to supply periodical issues despite the bankruptcy. Hopefully claims will be settled by the July/Aug '04 time frame.
        2. BOAs are being extended for one year without competition for FY05. They will, however, be competed for CY06.
        3. There will be some new serials vendors for CY06.
        4. Direct Express is a new version of Direct Pay for online services.
        5. There are some changes to end-of-year dates and a new cycle.
      2. FLICC has twelve Working Groups, which have activities such as:
        1. The Human Resources Working Group, which has its own web page at www.loc.gov/flicc/wghr.html, and is looking at intern programs for federal library staff recruitment.
        2. Content Management Working Group will have a program on eGov Act progress on September 1. See their web site for information.
        3. Video Library, available from the FLICC home page.
        4. Seven volunteers from the University of Maryland's Masters of Information Management Program are working on a team project to develop a way to assess the dollar value of federal library services and operations.
    2. Armed Forces Director. Lucille Rosa, newly elected as one of the Armed Forces Directors, would like to receive news items from the various Armed Services' libraries to report in the Federal Librarian. Also announced was that the Navy Librarian position was abolished, and now has the title of Knowledge Management Team Lead.
    3. Archives. Lucille Rosa requested that any files of an archival nature be sent to her, in order to preserve our organization's history. See the FAFLRT web site for guidelines of what should be submitted.
  11. The meeting adjourned at 10:01 a.m.
Respectfully submitted, Marie L. Nelson
FAFLRT Secretary