Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table Board Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting, 2004
Horton Grand Hotel, San Diego, CA
Saturday, January 10, 2004 Attendees: Mary Boone, Carol Bursik, Margaret Groner, Marie L. Nelson, Fran Perros, Maria Pisa, Linda M. Resler, Reginald M. Scott, Lucille M. Rosa, Jane Sessa
  1. The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm by FAFLRT President Margaret Groner and the agenda was accepted.
  2. The minutes of the June 21, 2003 Annual Membership Meeting were amended to state in paragraph two (2) that 66 FAFLRT members voted in the Spring 2003 ALA election, and then accepted. The minutes of the June 21, 2003 Board Meeting were accepted as written.
  3. Membership Report, prepared by Joan Taylor and presented by Margaret Groner. An email from Jim Kanis, ALA Headquarters, states that as of June 11, 2003, FAFLRT has 340 personal, 60 organizational, and 3 corporate members, for a total of 403 members. However, as of the August 2003 Statistics Monthly Report, we have 337 personal, 61 organizational and 2 corporate members, for a total of 400; and the mailing list, as of October 2003, indicates 346 personal and 64 organizational/corporate members, for a total of 410.
  4. Treasurer’s Report and Budget Report. Carol Bursik distributed the “Financial Statement for 2004, Based on Performance Report of November 30, 2003,” dated December 29, 2003. FAFLRT had beginning Net Assets (9/01/03) of $3,271.93, revenues for the Year of $1,243.42, expenses for the year of $1,365.71, for an Ending Net Asset Balance of $3,149.64. Carol also distributed the FY2005 proposed Budget, indicating planned revenues of $16,260 and planned expenses of $16,260. Discussion took place regarding possible changes to the budget, as the dues will increase in FY2005, and other categories may also need changes. Further discussion was tabled until the January 12 Board Meeting.
  5. Newsletter Report. Jane Sessa reported that she would like to produce the next newsletter by early March, before the elections. The deadline for the Spring issue will be January 31, 2004. Jane requested that members provide her with more articles and information about members.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Archives. Lucille Rosa says that much archival material from the files of officers, directors, and committee chairs, are missing. The archival materials being sought include files from FLRT, AFLRT, and the current body, FAFLRT. If in doubt, send the file to her. Since very little has been sent from FLRT and AFLRT, and absolutely nothing from FAFLRT, we are in danger of losing our own history.
    2. Annual Program. Maria Pisa distributed the “ALA Annual Conference Meeting Space Request Form” that she submitted for FAFLRT’s June 2004 meeting in Orlando. Our Program is titled “What’s In, What’s Spin: Winning Strategies for Marketing Your Library” with speaker Leslie Barrett, Vice President, Outsell, Inc., to be held on Saturday, June 26, 2004 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. Any changes/suggestions must be given to her by the January 12 Board Meeting. This led to discussion regarding possible meeting time changes for future meetings, as several Board Members reported conflicts with other committees on which they sit. Margaret Groner will send out a message to the membership requesting member input on this issue. She will also contact Pat May to request that the June 26, 2004 Annual Membership Meeting and the Program be scheduled at the same hotel.
    3. Nominating Committee. Margaret Groner reported for Jewel Player and Greta Marlatt. They are soliciting for suggested people to nominate, as no one has come forward as of yet. Completed ballots must be submitted to ALA before January 30.
    4. FAFLRT Web Site. Margaret Groner reported for James King. He has updated the web site and posted the Fall and Winter 2003 newsletters.
    5. ALA Roundtable Coordinating Committee. Margaret Groner attended their January 9 meeting and reported.
      1. Only half of the 15 Round Tables had representatives in attendance. Six of the Round Tables are large enough to have their own councilor, while FAFLRT is one of the smaller ones and shares a councilor. FAFLRT feels that our councilor, Jordan Scepanski, should communicate more with our round table, such as sending us information through our listserv.
      2. Barbara K. Stripling, ALA Presidential candidate spoke at that meeting, and Michael Gorman, the other Presidential candidate, was represented by a spokesman.
      3. Past President, Mitch Freedman, stated that ALA and its organizations may not endorse a specific candidate in anything that they fund. (We discussed that we could, however, report in our newsletter that a certain candidate attended our Board Meeting, and what that person said.)
    6. Awards Committee. Maria Pisa, co-chair, reported that they are progressing with the three awards that FAFLRT presents at ALA in June, and solicitation for nominations is needed for the next newsletter. Our Board will then approve these nominations in the spring via email.
    7. Booth Coordinator. No report.
    8. Federal Personnel. Stephanie Jones was not in attendance, and the status of this committee is unknown. Lucille Rosa will contact her to determine future direction for this committee.
    9. Legislation/GODORT. Jane Sessa reported that GODORT wants ALA (and FAFLRT) to endorse their resolution on eleven principles regarding provision of government information. The resolutions were read aloud, and the FAFLRT Board voted to support GODORT’s resolution.
  7. Liaison Reports
    1. ALA Planning and Budget Assembly. Carol Bursik reported that she couldn’t attend this meeting as its meeting time conflicts with the FAFLRT meeting.
    2. Coalition for Effective Change. Jane Sessa reported that she has been unable to attend this meeting for some time due to conflicts in time with FAFLRT meetings. Their focus has been on “pay banding” and they have done a position paper on the A-76 activity. Jane will post the CEC website in the next newsletter.
    3. Public Employees Round Table (PER). Fran Perros reported that Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) 2004 will be May 3-9. For now, due to staffing shortages, PER will have neither a scholarship program nor its Public Service Excellence awards. It will concentrate mainly on PSRW, PER’s premier event.
    4. FLICC. Lynn McDonald will provide this report at the Monday Board Meeting.
    5. Education Assembly. A replacement for Lee Porter will be discussed at the Board Meeting on Monday.
  8. Old Business. Maintaining the list of FAFLRT Officers and Committee Chairs that is printed on the back of the newsletter continues to be difficult. Reginald Scott volunteered himself or another ALA staff liaison person to verify and correct this listing on a consistent future basis. Board members are to send all their changes to the ALA Washington office.
The meeting adjourned at 4:01 pm. Respectfully submitted, Marie L. Nelson