FAFLRT Board Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting, 2003

Doubletree Hotel

Philadelphia, PA

Monday, January 27, 2003


Attendees:    Carol Bursik, Jennifer Bushong, Doug Doremus, Yvonne Farley,   Margaret J. Groner, Andrea Morris Gruhl, Marie L. Nelson, Jewel Player, Lee W. Porter, Lucille M. Rosa, Reginald M. Scott,  Joan R. Taylor, Eileen L. Welch


  1. The meeting was called to order by FAFLRT President Jennifer Bushong at 9:35 a.m., with a resumption of business carried over from the January 25, 2003 Board Meeting.


  1. A vote was passed to put the increased membership dues proposal, as was discussed at the Jan. 25 meeting, on the ballot.  (However, if passed, it won’t become effective until 2005.)


  1. Regarding the proposed FY 2004 FAFLRT budget, Jennifer Bushong will send an email to the entire membership to approve the budget.   (The proposal to raise the newsletter advertising by $50 doesn’t need ballot approval from the membership.)


  1. The 2003 Annual Program co-chairs will be at the Toronto meeting.  Maria Pisa is in charge of the 2004 Annual Program, and is looking for volunteers to assist.


  1. Further discussion was held about the 2003 FAFLRT Awards presentations.  It was decided to present the awards at our Annual Membership breakfast meeting, where the traditional full breakfast will once again be served.  Doug Doremus, from Gale Group, offered Gale funding for the breakfast meeting.  Also, FAFLRT will co-sponsor the GODORT Monday night reception, with a monetary contribution of $500-$600, depending on the amount we receive from a corporate sponsor.


  1. James Hill was lauded for the outstanding job he is doing with the FAFLRT web pages.


  1. Committee Reports (continued from Saturday):


  1. Booth Coordinator.    Eileen Welch requested that items be sent to her for display at the Annual ALA Conference FAFLRT Booth.  Items to be given away should be provided in quantities of approximately 150.  Also questioned was who has the FAFLRT ribbons and the brochures.




  1. ALA Round Table Coordinating Committee.    Jennifer Bushong and Carol Bursik attended a meeting of this committee and reported on issues.  The ALA / APA (Allied Professions Assn) has proposals for education leading to a paraprofessional certificate.   ALA can loan money to the APA, and $50K is being considered.  Two of ALA’s personnel are working this issue.   Other issues are certification and consulting services for libraries.  It was also stressed that round tables may not make political statements, but must remain non-partisan in order to adhere to ALA’s organizational status.


  1. ALA Education Assembly.   Lee Porter reported that meetings are held twice annually, and present a short exchange of what occurs at the Education Committee.  (The Education Committee, which he attended as a visitor, is a very powerful group.)  Currently there is heavy discussion about the ALA/APA, certification, and foreign national degree status.   Lee would like to step-down as the representative of the ALA Education Assembly.  Therefore, Jennifer will place an email solicitation for someone to replace him.   That person should have a strong interest in education and be willing to attend the Education Committee meetings.


d.   Legislation/GODORT.     GODORT has reported problems with the ALA Chicago office not passing information to the Washington office in a timely manner.   Pat May and Reginald Scott from ALA’s Washington Office, however, have been extremely helpful to FAFLRT.   Andrea pointed out that GODORT, while a Round Table, functions similarly to an ALA Division instead, because of their large size.  However, they haven’t voted to become a division.   Also, GODORT is presenting an ALA Preconference Program at the 2003 Annual Meeting on Digitization of Government Documents.


  1. New Business


  1. Lee Porter stated that a Clearinghouse for Library Education is being put on the ALA web site, and will expand in the future.


  1. Joan Taylor suggested that we need a FAFLRT banner for our conference booth, as well as vertical presentation boards.  Doug Doremus, Gale Group, offered his assistance with the latter.


  1. The meeting adjourned at 10:51 am.



Respectfully submitted,


Marie L. Nelson