FAFLRT Board Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting, 2003

Marriott Courtyard Hotel

Philadelphia, PA

Saturday, January 25, 2003


Attendees:    Mary Boone, Carol Bursik, Jennifer Bushong, Denise Aria Dorris, Lillian Gassie, Margaret J. Groner, Andrea Morris Gruhl, Shirley Loo, Lynn McDonald, J. Michael Morrison, Marie L. Nelson, Fran Perros, Maria G. Pisa, Jewel Player, Lucille M. Rosa, Reginald M. Scott,  Jane Sessa, Joan R. Taylor, Eileen L. Welch


  1. The meeting was called to order by FAFLRT President Jennifer Bushong at 2:04 p.m.


  1. The Agenda was accepted as amended (order of agenda items was changed).


  1. Attendees introduced themselves.  Andrea Gruhl reported that she brought a box of organizational photos for attendees to peruse before the photos are passed on to the official ALA archives.  Mike Morrison announced that effective Feb. 1, 2003 he will be the Librarian at the Warrior Prep Center in Einsiedlerhof (Kaiserslautern) Germany.


  1. The minutes of the two June 2002 FAFLRT board meetings were approved as written.  The minutes of the June 2002 FAFLRT Annual Membership meeting were approved, with the addition of the Membership Report by Joan Taylor.


  1. Membership Report.    Joan Taylor distributed a FAFLRT Membership Report with ALA statistics showing that, as of Jan 23, 2003, FAFLRT had 317 personal members and 68 organizational/professional members, for a total of 385 members.  But, in comparing the aforementioned official ALA statistics with the FAFLRT mailing list, there is a discrepancy, as FAFLRT shows 337 personal members and 69 organizational/professional members, for a total of 406. (This, however, is a smaller discrepancy than was reported at the last meeting.)   It was surmised that FAFLRT has approximately 400 members.   Also discussed was the student membership category, with dues of $6.00, which was approved at the June 15, 2002 FAFLRT Board Meeting.  Jennifer Bushong will contact ALA to determine when this new student membership category will become effective.


  1. Treasurer’s Report and Budget Report.   Carol Bursik distributed three FAFLRT financial reports.  The Financial Statement for 2002 showed revenues of $15,520.59 and expenditures of $17,724.82, with a balance of $5960.70 carried forward.  The Financial Statement for 2003 showed revenues of $1,407.10 and expenses of $2,511.11, with a balance of $4,856.92 carried forward.   This indicates that we have been expending more than our revenue intake.  The FY 2004 Budget indicates plans for Revenues and Expenses of $16,260.00 each.    Discussion followed on ways to prevent future budget shortfalls:
    1. Consider increasing dues.  Several expressed belief that FAFLRT dues are lower than average. Reginald Scott will obtain further information confirming the amount of the average dues of ALA Round Tables. Obtaining additional newsletter advertisers and increasing prices, and/or obtaining a corporate sponsor for the newsletter, with a URL link to their web site.    (It was mentioned that our federal status precludes us making official inquiries of potential corporate sponsors.)  A motion was passed to raise the newsletter advertising rates for new or renewal advertising by $50; therefore, full-page ads would increase from $175 to $225, and half-page ads would increase from $100 to $150.
    2. Discussion was held on raising membership dues to $8.00 for students (an increase of $2.00), $15.00 for personal memberships (an increase of $3.00), and $30.00 for corporate memberships.  It was estimated that doing so would increase our annual revenues by approximately $1000.  A vote on this was postponed until the Monday board meeting.
    3. It was mentioned that the brochure was funded by a corporate sponsor, as was the full breakfast at the Annual Membership meeting.
    4. Other possibilities to ease our financial situation were presented, such as getting a sponsor for the $1000 student scholarship or doing a fund-raising activity; the latter not being a particularly popular option.


  1. Newsletter Report.   Jane Sessa, newsletter editor, requested that someone review the newsletter before she submits it for printing.  Reginald Scott volunteered his ALA office to do this.  She would also like someone knowledgeable to review the information about the Board Members, which is printed on the back cover of the newsletter.  The next newsletter deadline will be February 15, 2003.  Whether or not the newsletter needs a new ISSN was discussed, and it was determined that since the previous newsletter’s ISSN was never registered, we do not need to request a change.  Shirley Loo would like more news for the Fabulous Feds column.


  1. Committee Reports.


  1. Awards Committee.     Shirley Loo reported that she needs nominations.   The nomination form is on the FAFLRT web page.   A suggestion was made to nominate James Hill for his excellent work on FAFLRT’s web page.   It was also reported that Addie Ross, the Awards Committee co-chair, has resigned.  Maria Pisa volunteered to be the new co-chair.


  1. Archives Committee.     Lucille Rosa has only received one box of archival materials thus far, and still needs materials from both previous organizations.  She will be preparing guidelines/instructions as to what should be retained for future FAFLRT archives, and will post this information on FAFLRT’s web page.  Also, Andrea Gruhl had materials bound in the past, which are supposed to be in the ALA Liaison’s Office.


c.   Nominating Committee.     Mike Morrison and Fran Perros distributed a Preliminary Report listing names of nominees received up to that time:

·        Armed Forces Director:  Linda Towne

·        Treasurer:  Carol Bursik (incumbent)

·        Vice President/President-elect:  None so far

·        Federal Director:  Mary Boone


It was also reported that Linda Resler volunteered to run for office.  ALA has granted an extension until February 5, and biographies from the nominees have been requested.  It was decided that a vote of the membership on accepting the ballot can be completed later by email.  Also discussed was the ALA Councilor position, as Robert Doyle’s term ends in 2003.  (There is one ALA Councilor representing the eleven smaller round tables, of which FAFLRT is one.)  Jane Sessa was suggested as a nominee for ALA Councilor.  Reginald Scott will gather information about the ballot format and forward the information to Fran Perros.


d.      ALA Annual Program.    In the absence of the chair and co-chair, Jewel Player reported for them that the planning was on target for FAFLRT’s program at the 2003 annual meeting.   Stephen Abram will be the speaker, and the audience focus will be broader than just the federal sector.  This will be beneficial, as fewer federal librarians are expected to be attending this year’s Annual ALA Conference, as the Air Force and Army Librarians aren’t holding their meetings in conjunction with ALA in Toronto this year.  Also discussed was FAFLRT’s Annual Awards Reception, which, in the past, has been held on Friday night of the Conference.  However, as GODORT has asked for FAFLRT to do a joint reception with them on Monday night, which is late in the conference, discussion took place as to whether or not  FAFLRT’s awards should be presented at the annual membership breakfast.  Our breakfast still needs a sponsor.   It was also mentioned that Maria Pisa will be the program chair for the 2004 annual program in Orlando.


The meeting adjourned at 4:06 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Marie L. Nelson