FAFLRT Board Meeting

ALA Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
Mon., June 17, 2002, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 a.m.
Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Yukon/McKensie/Rio Grande Room

Jennifer Bushong, Carol Bursik, Lucille Rosa, Janet Ormes, Joan Taylor, Marie Nelson, Fran Perros, Eileen Welch, Maria Pisa, Lee Porter, Stephanie Jones, Andrea Gruhl, Jane Sessa, Jewel Player, Mike Morrison, Reginald Scott

  1. The meeting was called to order by FAFLRT President Jewel Player at 11:35 a.m.
  2. National Book Festival at the Library of Congress. In cooperation with ALA/FAFLRT and SLA/MLD, FLICC will be hosting a table at the National Book Festival on October 12 to provide information about how federal librarians serve the public. Jewel Player will volunteer to represent FAFLRT.
  3. Recruitment Program. Jewel proposed partnering with the New Members Round Table (NMRT) and the FLICC Personnel Working Group to develop a program on recruitment opportunities and challenges facing the library profession. She will contact Susan Tarr and the NMRT to assess interest.
  4. Black Caucus of ALA. FAFLRT will once again sponsor a business card in the BCALA conference program. The 5th National Conference of African American Librarians on “Culture Keepers V: Access” will be held August 13-16, in Fort Lauderdale.
  5. National Libraries Program at ALA Annual in Toronto. A motion to co-sponsor, a program featuring the services and issues of the national libraries of the U.S. and Canada was approved. Co-sponsorship of the program will provide the FAFLRT membership with an additional ALA program focused on federal libraries as well as additional visibility for FAFLRT.
  6. Co-Sponsorship of Government Document Program in Toronto. FAFLRT has been approached by GODORT to co-sponsor a program with the University of Utah and possibly the Canadian GODORT. Funding has been identified. Jennifer Bushong will explore further.
  7. ALA Legislation. Jane Sessa presented several resolutions which were endorsed, in principle, by the Board. Topics included commendations for Francis Buckley, Michael Di Mario, and GODORT; data quality; appropriations for GPO; and the OMB memo on decentralized printing.
  8. ALA Outsourcing Task Force. Stephanie Jones will provide minutes of the meeting she is attending. ALA wants to do a check list of what to look for when contracting. The checklist does not really address contracting out in the federal and armed forces environment. Stephanie has encouraged ALA to contact Susan Tarr for information FLICC has gathered.
  9. ALA Education Assembly. Lee Porter reported that issues related to library workers’ salaries, status and certification are being discussed at ALA and that a vote on core competencies is to take place. He will get copies of the information and circulate.
  10. Committee Appointments. As part of her new duties as President of FAFLRT, Jennifer began updating the Committee list (see back of newsletter for a complete list).
  11. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at noon with the passing of the gavel to President Jennifer Bushong!

Respectfully Submitted, Maria G. Pisa, Secretary