FAFLRT Board Meeting

ALA Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
Sat., June 15, 2002, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Zurich Room

Jewel Player, Marie L. Nelson, Jennifer Bushong, Joan R, Taylor, Lucille M. Rosa, Carol J. Bursik, Shirley Loo, Fran Perros, Maria Pisa, Mike Morrison, Jane Sessa, Janet Ormes, Eileen L. Welch, Andrea Gruhl, Reginald M. Scott

  1. Jewel Player called the meeting to order at 4.35 p.m.
  2. Minutes of the FAFLRT Summer Board Meetings in San Francisco were approved as written.
  3. Membership.  Joan Taylor brought up the possibility of establishing a FAFLRT student membership category as a way of introducing library students to Federal and military librarianship.  Following discussion, a motion was passed to create a student membership category with dues set at $6.00.  Membership is open to student members of ALA. 
  4. Treasurer’s Report.  Carol Bursik distributed  the FAFLRT financial statement.  The estimated balance as of June 9, 2002 is $8,721.63.  Though the Round Table is solvent, she expressed concern that ALA had yet to credit several checks that had been received.  Another Round Table expressed similar concerns.  Carol will look into this as several conference bills have come in for payment.  A question arose regarding the cost of the newsletter.  It was explained that though the paid advertisements do not cover all newsletter costs, they do cover most of them.  The Board feels it is appropriate that membership dues continue to cover a portion of the cost of producing the newsletter.
  5. Newsletter Report.  Jane Sessa announced that the deadline for the Fall issue of the newsletter is July 26 for copy and the end of August for advertisements.  She encouraged members to submit articles and photographs. Jane will look at ALA printers to see if it is less expensive.  The use of discounted envelopes arranged by Reginald Scott, our ALA liaison, has reduced costs.  Jewel introduced Reginald to the Board and thanked him for the enthusiastic assistance he has provided. Jane was also acknowledged for her ongoing editorial excellence that brings the membership an informational and professional-looking  newsletter.
  6. Committee Reports
    • Archives/ History.  Lucille Rosa reported that the University of Illinois is the repository for the ALA archive.  FAFLRT archival materials need to be sent there however bound copies of the newsletter need to remain in the ALA office.  Lucille distributed the “Policy and Practice Statement for the Archives of AFLRT ” as a guideline to follow; it will be posted to Web, with an announcement in the newsletter encouraging the membership to send in materials.
    • Annual Program (Toronto).  Arlene Luster and Richard Hanusey are the program co-chairs.  The main speaker will be Stephen Abram, Vice-President of ProQuest who will discuss preparing the profession for the upcoming flight of baby boomer librarians from the workplace as they retire and take with them a generation of knowledge.  The Board discussed the need for a “catchy” program  title and suggested the program be listed under the “Staffing/Staff Development” and “Administration/Management” program tracks for maximum exposure.  Co-sponsors for the program will be sought.  In light of the poor attendance at the breakfast meeting in Atlanta, the program times in Toronto will be as follows: Membership meeting, 8:30-10:00 with the Program beginning at 10:30 in another room.  Jane Sessa agreed to work on the breakfast and Jennifer will ask the Vice-President to work on the Friday night Awards reception.
    • Awards Committee.  Shirley Loo encouraged Board members to submit award nominations.  She also inquired as to whether anyone had approached NewsBank to sponsor an award as they had done in previous years, contibuting $1,000 to a library school.  Lucille Rosa offered to contact them.
    • Booth Coordinator.  Eileen Welch said that the setup had gone well but that members to staff the booth were still needed for Monday afternoon and Tuesday.  Interested members could leave a note at the booth.  The Board acknowledge their appreciation to Eileen for her work in coordinating the booth.
    • Nominating Committee.  Fran Perros discussed the difficulty of getting members to run for office.  She and Michael Morrison will start early, posting announcements, in order to have a slate by Mid-Winter.
    • FAFLRT Web Site.  Webmaster James King presented the Board with a number of questions and concerns aimed at enhancing the Web site.  The Board expressed satisfaction with the Web site as it has evolved, in the able hands of James, into a useful site.  The Board concurred with James’ suggestions to further enhance the Web site: create a member link section; include a history of AFLRT and FLRT in the “About FAFLRT” Section; establish a Board discussion list; post draft minutes to the site; and post newletter articles online.
    • ALA Liaison.  Jewell said that the issue of a permanent ALA liaison for FAFLRT who is able to attend conferences is still being resolved.  A decision is expected by MidWinter.
    • Legislation/GODORT.  Jane said that several resolutions are coming forward on data quality, a statement of concerns about the Patriot Act, and the Presidential Records Act.  The resolutions will go to a vote on Monday afternoon.
    • IFLA.  Andrea Gruhl, IFLA liaison submitted her report on the Boston Conference.  With the conference theme, “Libraries and Librarians: Making a Difference in the Knowledge Age,” the program was well attended and included over 200 programs, workshops, tours and other events.  The next conference will be in Glasgow, August 18-24, 2002.
  7. The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Maria G. Pisa, Secretary