FAFLRT Board Meeting

ALA MidWinter Meeting
New Orleans, LA
Sat., January 19, 2002, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Ritz-Carlton, LaSalle Room

Jewel Player, Nancy Davenport, Maria Pisa, Joan R. Taylor, Lynn McDonald, Carol Bursik, Lee Porter, Fran Perros, Linda Resler, Stephanie R. Jones, Jane Sessa, Michael Morrision

  1. The meeting was called to order by FAFLRT President Jewel Player promptly at 4:30 p.m.
  2. Minutes.  The minutes of the San Francisco Board meetings were approved as written.
  3. Review of Agenda.  Following a review of the agenda, the following items were added: GODORT resolution and Spectrum and Mentoring programs.
  4. Round Table Archives/History.  Lucille Rosa has agreed to serve to serve as coordinator Chair of the FAFLRT History/Archives.  She will collect information about the history of the organization and have oversight for the archives.  Note was made of the need to ensure that all issues of the FLRT and AFLRT newsletters are bound as part of the archive. 
  5. Treasurers Report & Budget Report.  Carol Bursik distributed copies of the FAFLRT Financial Statement as of January 12, 2002 which shows an estimated balance of $2,762.25.  Noting that the balance appears low, Carol will meet again with Pat May to determine if prior years funds were somehow omitted when the round tables were combined.  Another possible explanation of the shortfall is that ALA may have posted only a portion of the membership dues received (1/12) to date.  Carol also distributed copies of the proposed the FY 2002 Budget Worksheet for review; it is due to ALA by February 4.  Carol reported that  Pat May suggested that FAFLRT submit the same budget as it did last year as all accounting following the merger is not yet reconciled and stabilized.  As part of the FY 2002 budget, ALA has asked all round tables to project how they would cut 20 percent from their budgets.  This generated a lot of questions which concluded with Jewel volunteering to find out more about the request while at ALA and report back.  The Board approved a motion to adopted the proposed FY 2002 budget with the word “luncheon” deleted from line 5304 to read “Membership meeting at annual” $882.78.
  6. Newsletter Report.  Jane Sessa distributed copies of the latest issue (Winter) of Federal and Armed Forces Libraries.  She asks if a former AFLRT member would be willing to follow-up with Janes which expressed interest in advertising in the newsletter.  Contacts for Newsbank, EBSCO and ProQuest are also appreciated.  Jane is interested in receiving interesting items for the newsletter.  When doing so please be sure to include a title and the author’s name.  Jane will post a “how to submit an article” on the listserv.  Jane is trying to publish a newsletter issue immediately before and after conference meetings so please try to observe deadlines. The next deadline is February 15.  Jane announced plans for a “name the newsletter” contest; she will do an article in the Spring issue.  She is hoping to announce the winner at ALA annual.  Nancy Davenport will help with the ISSN process. Appreciation was expressed to Jane for all her efforts and energy as Editor.
  7. Committee Reports
    • Federal Personnel.  Jewel suggested that we consider establishing a “lessons learned database” to help guide contractor selection.  A discussion ensued with respect to maintenance issues and whether ALA could sponsor such an activity.  Jewel is interested in other member ideas for projects that stress the benefits of membership in FAFLRT.
    • Legislation Assembly.  Jane proposed that FAFLRT help draft and endorse a resolution in response to provisions of the FAIR Act requiring the contracting out of a percentage Federal positions.  The motion was approved. Members provided ideas for talking points which Nancy Davenport agreed to write up.  Jane will bring them to the GODORT Government Information Subcommittee meeting later today.
    • Armed Forces Directors’ Reports.  Mike Morrision reported on several military library activities.  The Pentagon Library collection will be housed in Crystal City.  There will be a small library presence near the Pentagon bookstore in the concourse.  The effects of irradiation of materials is a growing concern among Washington-area libraries.  The Army librarians’ email directory has been taken off the Internet because of security concerns. The directory had been on the Internet for 10 years.  It has been moved to “Army Knowledge Online” which is password protected.  Mike also mentioned several vacancies:  Command Librarian (Europe); several GS-11 positions in South Korea.  Those interested should contact Ann Parham, Barbara Christine or Mike.  The Military Education Research Network, a portal to 13 major educational libraries runs on Sitesearch which will no longer be supported by OCLC; options are being evaluated.
    • Membership Report. Joan Taylor report that the membership consists of 327 personal members + 69 Corporate/Institutional members = 396.  Monthly membership reports have not yet been merged and it may take a year to produce a comparative report.  Joan also reported that ALA charges each round table for the membership list.  The Round Table Coordinating Committee has asked that ALA provide one free electronic version so that round tables may conduct the business of the organization.  ALA is in the process of doing a Web-based members-only list.  The ALA membership renewal form did not include FAFLRT; ALA is rectifying this and Joan will work with them to clarify list of new members.  A motion to accept the Membership Report was approved.
    • Public Employees Round Table (PER). Fran Perros reported that the PER credit card solicitation will be mailed out in March.  She urged the membership to consider signing on as FAFLRT receives a percentage of the revenue. 
    • Nominating Committee.  Mike Morrison reported that thus far the following candidates have agreed to run for office: Vice-Pres./Pres.-Elect-- Margaret Groner, Director, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA and Secretary–Marie Nelson, Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs, CO.  Other potential candidates will be contacted but members are encouraged to register their interest with Mike or Fran Perros.
  8. Annual Program Update.  Jewel reported that Janet Ormes has identified four speakers for the Atlanta program on OAIS.  Some may need funding assistance.  The preliminary track information does not show the FAFLRT program; Jewel will provide this information to the RTCC representative on the annual program team for the 2002 meeting in Atlanta.  Stephanie Jones will need hotel information for the program ASAP so that she can make arrangements for breakfast.  Jewel also reported that Arlene Luster and Rich Hanusey will co-chair the Toronto  meeting; the preliminary program information will be due at Annual. By-law changes were also proposed to reflect changes in program planning leadership and ALA scheduling.  A motion was approved to propose changing the requirement from the Vice-President serving as program chair to appointing a program chair from the membership.  Also proposed and approved was striking the name of the FAFLRT newsletter.  The proposed By-law revisions will appear on the Spring ballot.
  9. The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Maria G. Pisa, Secretary