FAFLRT Board Meeting

ALA Annual Meeting
San Francisco, CA
Mon., June 18, 2001, 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Moscone Convention Center

Jane Sessa, Stephanie R. Jones, Jennifer Bushong, J. Michael Morrison, Georgette Harris, Lynn McDonald, Janet Ormes, Jewel Player, Richard Hanusey, Maria Pisa, Andrea Gruhl, Wil Danielson, Eileen Welch, Susan Makar

  1. The meeting was called to order by FAFLRT President Jewel Player at 2:00 p.m.
  2. Booth Coordinator.  Susan Makar of NIST reported for Mary-Deirdre Coraggio.  Susan said she was pleased with the response for staffing the booth and thanked everyone for being on schedule and submitting materials.  She said the coasters, plastic bags, metric cards, pens and pencils were very popular; paper handouts and books less so.  Mary-Deirdre requests that someone else take on this responsibility.  Eileen Welch, USDA, volunteered to take on responsibility for booth coordination.
  3. Minutes from Last Meetings.  Subject to the correction of typos, a motion to approve the minutes was passed.
  4. Budget Follow-up.  Jewell spoke with Pat May about the wide differences in the FLRT and AFLRT budgets.  Pat said that joint programs may account for a mix up in postings.  With respect to FLRT, newsletter mailing costs have gone up with the merger now accounting for 440 newsletters mailed.
  5. FLRT/AFLRT Archives.  Jewel spoke with Pat May who said that Karen Muller, ALA Library and Knowledge Manager handles archives.  Karen will provide Jewel with guidelines.  Wil Danielson inquired into the whereabouts of past budget and minutes records, specifically those for 1972-82 and 1995-97. Jewel will post an inquiry on the listserv.
  6. Roundtable Letterhead and Logo.  Mike Morrison offered to design a circular logo for the new FAFLRT letterhead.  The newsletter logo will remain the same. 
  7. FY 2002 Program and Awards Reception.  As previously noted, Janet Ormes will coordinate the program but would like assistance to handle publicity, refreshments, and any travel cost issues which might arise.  Jewel offered to help with publicity and Stephanie will help with refreshments.  Carolyn Eaton will be asked to check on the Newsbank Award and Jennifer will look into reception sponsorship.
  8. Committee Chairs, Representatives and Liaisons were named as follows:
    • Program Committee - 2002 (Atlanta) - Janet Ormes
    • Program Committee & Membership Meeting - 2003 (Canada) - Arlene Luster and Richard Hanusey
    • Awards/Scholarship - Shirley Loo and Addie Ross
    • Booth Coordinator - Eileen Welch
    • Bylaws and Constitution - Andrea Gruhl
    • Education - Lee Porter
    • Federal Personnel - Stephanie Jones
    • Handbook - Shirley Loo
    • History- Elizabeth Snoke will be asked and Wil Danielson (note, a history will be deferred this year, use minutes instead)
    • Internet/ Website Enhancement - James King
    • Legislation - Jane Sessa
    • Membership - Joan Taylor
    • Newsletter Editor - Jane Sessa
    • Nominating - Fran Perros and Mike Morrison
    • ALA Council - Bob Doyle
    • ALA Education Assembly - Lee Porter and Arlene Luster
    • ALA Legislation Assembly - Jane Sessa
    • ALA Membership Promotion Task Force - Joan Taylor
    • ALA Planning and Budget Assembly - Carol Bursik will be asked
    • IFLA - Andrea Gruhl
    • MLD/SLA - open
    • PER - Fran Perros
    • RT Coordinating Council - Jennifer Bushong
    • Coalition for Effective Change - Jane Sessa
  9. FAFLRT Ribbons.  Vertical red, white, and blue ribbons will be ordered.  Jewel will work with Pat May on this.
  10. FAFLRT.  A mission statement was drafted by Linda Resler.  It will be sent to the Board for preliminary comment, then to the membership for their review.
  11. Listserv.  Jewel will ask James for the number of members presently on the listserv and also ask about setting up a list for Board members, at Jane’s suggestion.
  12. ALA Council.  Andrea Gruhl thanked everyone for supporting her.  Unfortunately, she lost by 24 votes this time.  She asked if there are any issues the Board would like her to address at her final meeting, please let her know.  The Board extends appreciation to Andrea for her diligent efforts in representing Federal library interests as a Council member.
  13. MidWinter Schedule.  A preference for scheduling Board meetings to enable review and feedback on legislative resolutions was expressed. 
  14. Conference Interns.  Stephanie suggested sending the intern a thank you note.  Jewel asked that anyone interested in mentoring an intern next year contact her.
  15. The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Maria G. Pisa, Secretary