Federal & Armed Forces Libraries Round Table Board Meeting

ALA Annual Conference, Washington, DC
Sunday, January 14, 2001, 9:30-12:30 (EST)
Wyndham Hotel, Washington, DC

Linda Resler, Nancy Davenport, Lucille M. Rosa, Jewel Player, Jennifer Bushong, Ann Gorwitz, Wil Danielson, Patricia Muir, Janet Ormes, Arthalene B. Gordey, Pat May (ALA Staff Liaison), and Damini Patel, guest

  1. Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Linda Resler, president of AFLRT at 2 pm.
  2. Constitution and By-Laws: Linda handed out the revisions of the Constitution and By-Laws for the new round table. We discussed it point by point (see attachment for proposed changes.) A question was raised about the Constitution & By-Laws being included in the spring ballot. Nancy Davenport said she would check with the ALA Parliamentarian. It was recommended that the final version (proposed) be put on the web site. Nancy Davenport is to notify ALA's Webmaster to update FAFLRT's web site.
  3. Budget for FY2002: The estimate of members for the new round table is 450. The budget should include a note about the estimating of dues. Pat May of the Washington office for ALA offered to merge FLRT's and AFLRT's budgets to come up with a proposed budget for the new round table. Copies of the proposed budget will be sent to treasurers and presidents of both round tables.
  4. Program for Annual Meeting: It was decided to have the traditional Friday reception on 15 June 2001. Our first choice was the Marines Memorial; if that was not available, we are to ask ALA to find us a place. Addie Ross is in charge of arrangements for the reception; Nancy Davenport is to find her some helpers. Jennifer Bushong is in charge of the awards; Nancy is to find some people to help her. No program will be planned for this year; it was recommended that we have a membership meeting on Sunday, the 17th at 4:30 pm. Two board meetings will be held, if necessary; one before the membership meeting and one after.
  5. Newsletter: It was recommended that the newsletter should be mailed out first class instead of bulk to cut down on the delivery time. If we decide to go with first class, the ALA Washington office will mail it for us; we provide the labels. The ALA office will also mail out a letter introducing the new round table as well as an Awards letter. The incoming president needs to receive conference mailings.

    At the next meeting on Monday, January 15th the secretaries' and treasurers' report will be read as well as any committee chair's reports. We will also discuss the new logo, the final revision of the constitution and by-laws, the newsletter and the round table activities at the annual conference.

  6. FAFLRT Website: Nancy agreed to contact James King, who has a good working relationship with the ALA webmaster, to ask him to begin working on a FAFLRT page, with links from the AFLRT and FLRT pages.
  7. The meeting was adjourned at 4 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Arthalene B. Gordey, AFLRT Secretary/Treasurer

Note: These minutes were approved at the xx/xx/xxxx FAFLRT Board Meeting.