Federal & Armed Forces Libraries Round Table Board Meeting

ALA Annual Conference, Washington, DC
Saturday, January 13, 2001, 9:30-12:30 (EST)
L/Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC

Linda Resler, Lucille M. Rosa, Addie Ross, Mike Morrison, Stephanie Jones, Christie Vernon, Jane Sessa, Fran Perros, Andrea Morris Gruhl, Joan R. Taylor, Jennifer Bushong, Arthalene Gordey, Lynn McDonald, Carolyn K. Eaton, Ann Gorwitz, Lee W. Porter, Jewel Player, Wil Danielson, Chip (Laurence W.) Woodward, Maria Pisa, Donna E. Ramsey, Janet Ormes

  1. The meeting was called to order by AFLRT President Linda Ressler at 10:00 AM. Those present introduced themselves.
  2. Linda Resler noted that FAFLRT nominations and constitution/bylaws need to be voted by the membership this spring. Linda passed out Draft Constitution and Bylaws for discussion.

    A question was raised of how to handle the AFLRT practice of having one Director representing Army, one for Navy/Marine Corp, and one representing the Air Force. A motion was made and passed to combine the Army/Air Force representation. There will then be two armed forces Directors (Army/Air Force and Navy/Marine Corp). With the two federal Directors, President, Vice President/President Elect, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer, there will be a total of nine officers. Directors terms will be staggered, with initial terms for three and two years, respectively. Initially, the Secretary will be elected for one year, and the Treasurer for two. The first year we will have to elect a both a President and Vice President/President-Elect.

    There was discussion on the definition of "armed forces'" and "federal." It was decided to define "armed forces" as Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corp. All other U.S. Government organizations and their librarians fall under the name of "federal."

    It was decided to combine the Constitution and Bylaws into a single document for simplicity.

    To avoid confusion, it was decided to divide "Elections" into two sections - one for FAFLRT officers, one for Round Table councilor.

    Under "Offical Publications," it was decided to add the FAFLRT Website as an official information resource, along with the newsletter.

    Several other word changes and clarifications were made and Linda agreed to incorporate the changes into a revised draft for the January 14 meeting.

  3. It was pointed out that we also need to plan for budget, newsletter, reception and program at the Annual Conference. These will be discussed at the January 15 meeting. We hope to begin listing our meetings at the Annual Conference as FAFLRT with "see" references from FLRT and AFLRT.
  4. Andrea Gruhl - IFLA Liaison passed out the IFLA Liaison Report. In it, she reported on her attendance at the IFLA Conference "Information for Co-operation: Creating the Global Library of the Future," in Jerusalem August 13-18, 2000.
  5. Lucille Rosa - Nominations requested volunteers for Vice President/President-Elect.
  6. Mike Morrison - Army Representative announced that four to five GS-11 Librarian positions in Korea are open for a two-year tour. Contact him or Jewel Player who will forward names to Ann Parham. He can be reached at morrisonj@ndu.edu or by phone at 202-685-3971.
  7. The meeting was adjourned at 12:30

Respectfully submitted, Janet Ormes, FLRT Secretary

Note: These minutes were approved at the xx/xx/xxxx FAFLRT Board Meeting.