Constitution and Bylaws of the Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table

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American Library Association

Article I. Name.

The name of this organization shall be the Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table of the American Library Association.

Article II. Purpose.

The purpose of this organization is as follows:

  1. to promote library and information service and the library and information profession in the federal and armed forces communities.
  2. to promote appropriate utilization of federal and armed forces library and information resources and facilities.
  3. to provide an environment for the stimulation of research and development relating to the planning, development, and operation of federal and armed forces libraries.

Article III. Membership.

Section 1. Any member of the American Library Association may become a member of the Round Table upon payment of annual ALA and Round Table dues.

  1. Personal Members. ALA individual members interested in FAFLRT's purpose may become personal members upon payment of ALA and FAFLRT dues.
  2. Organization members. Institutions, businesses, and other organizations who support FAFLRT's purpose may become organization members upon payment of ALA and FAFLRT dues.
  3. Student and retired members. Any library school student or retired librarian may become a member of FAFLRT upon payment of ALA and FAFLRT dues.

Section 2.  Rights and privileges. Members are entitled to participate fully in the organization and activities of the Round Table except that only personal members who are   (a) currently employed or retired federal or armed forces library or information personnel, (b) employed at an academic or nonprofit institution with an interest in federal or armed forces library or information centers, or (c) students actively enrolled in an accredited program leading to a degree in information studies/librarianship at the time of their election and during their stay in office shall have the right to hold office.

Section 3. Dues. There shall be separate dues structures for personal, organization, student, and retired memberships. All Round Table funds are to be in the custody of the Executive Board of the American Library Association, to be accounted for and disbursed by its designated officer or authorization of the Round Table Board of Directors. The dues schedules remain in effect until amended by a majority vote of the members participating in a regular or special meeting of the Round Table, or by ballot.

Article IV. Governance.

Section 1. Officers. The officers of the Round Table shall be the president, vice-president who is also the president-elect, two federal directors, two armed forces directors, secretary, treasurer, and the immediate past president of the Round Table.

Section 2. Term of Office. The vice-president/president-elect shall serve for a term of one year, after which time that person shall serve as president for a term of one year and shall continue for another year as immediate past president. The offices for secretary and treasurer shall be for two years, elected in alternate years. Directors will serve for two year, staggered terms, with one federal and one armed forces director elected each year. Officers will serve through the close of the annual ALA conference of the membership year for which they were elected.

Section 3. Duties. The duties of all officers shall be such as are ordinarily implied by their respective titles and such others as are specified by the Board of Directors.

  1. President. The president shall chair the Board of Directors, shall appoint the chair and members of each standing and special committee, and be an ex officio member of such committees without the right to vote except in case of a tie.
  2. Immediate Past President. The immediate past president shall assist in setting policy for the Round Table and may be appointed to serve on other special committees or projects.
  3. Vice-President/President-Elect. The vice-president/president-elect shall be responsible for chairing the Round Table Program Committee for the annual ALA conference, shall perform the duties of the president in his/her absence and shall become president in the event a vacancy occurs in that office due to resignation or other causes, and in such an instance the vice president will continue to serve his/her own term of office as president.
  4. Secretary. The secretary shall be responsible for the general correspondence of the Round Table, its proceedings, and the minutes of board and business meetings.
  5. Treasurer. The treasurer shall review and approve all expenses, coordinating with ALA staff liaison, and prepare reports and a proposed budget for each fiscal year.
  6. Directors. The federal and armed forces directors shall ensure that the interests of their communities are addressed by the board and the Round Table as a whole, and may be appointed to perform special projects or to serve as liaisons or on committees.

Article V. Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of the Round Table shall consist of the President, Vice-President/President-Elect, four Directors (two federal and two armed forces), Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President of the Round Table. The Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Round Table. It shall establish general policies for the Round Table, such as filling vacancies in office created by resignation or other causes, except in the case of the president, as noted in Article IV, section 3, above. All officers are expected to attend all general and Board of Directors meetings. The election of the armed forces directors shall be rotated as much as possible on a schedule to allow full representation of the military services (Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy).

Article VI. Sections.

The Round Table may organize sections with the approval of the Board of Directors, when and if the need for such sections arises.

Article VII. Meetings.

Section 1. General Meetings. The annual business meeting shall be held during and in connection with the annual ALA conference. A quorum shall consist of 1% of the membership.

Section 2. Board of Directors meetings. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held in connection with the annual ALA conference, the ALA midwinter meeting, and at other times on call of the president. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum.

Article VIII. Committees.

The president may authorize committees and appoint a chair and members of such committees.

Article IX. Elections.

Section 1. A slate with one or more candidates for the offices of vice-president/president-elect, secretary or treasurer, one federal director, and one armed forces director, shall be prepared by a nominating committee appointed by the president. The officers shall be selected by a majority vote of the voting membership through the ALA spring ballot.

Section 2. The slate shall also contain one or more candidates for an ALA councilor position. The ALA councilor position shall be elected in accordance with Article IV. Council of the ALA Bylaws.

Article X. Official Publications.

The official information resources shall be the newsletter, known as The Federal Librarian, and the FAFLRT website.

Article XI. Amendments.

The constitution and bylaws may be amended by a majority of the members participating in person or electronically in a regular or special meeting of the Round Table provided the membership is notified by the Board of Directors of proposed changes at least one month before such vote.

Article XII. Rules of Order.

The rules contained in the latest edition of The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure by Alice F. Sturgis shall govern this Round Table in all cases to which they can be applied and are not inconsistent with the bylaws or special rules of order of the Round Table or of the American Library Association.