FAFLRT Minutes Board Minutes October 14, 2011

October 14, 2011
10:00 – 11:00am

The dial in number is 202-707-1684.

1. Attendance :  The following people were able to participate: Vicky Crone, Anne Harrison; Karl Debus Lopez; Erica Stiner; Lucille Rosa; Jane Killian and Kathleen Hanselmann  
Not present: Kim Lyall; Angelique Simmons

2. Approved Minutes from previous meetings (June, August, and September 2011).  These will be posted to the FAFLRT website.

3. Next Board meeting –  Friday, November 18 from 10:00 - 11:30 AM

4. Update on Budget (Jane) – the budget was reviewed and found fiscally sound.

5. Latest membership numbers (dues-paying and listserv members) (Jane and Vicky) According to ALA, there are approximately 800 dues-paying members. There are approximately 397 members of the listserv but not all of these are dues-paying members, so less than half of the dues-paying members belong to the listserv. The FAFLRT Board listserv is getting spammed regularly but the general FAFLRT list does not appear to be suffering from this problem. (Vicky moderates the Board listserv.)

6. Newsletter – Anne Harrison is working with Jane Sessa to ensure that the ads are printed as the vendors expect. Lucille is gathering updated information for the Board and Committee members on the back page of the Newsletter. Advertising rates will remain the same for next year. Anne will contact Jane Sessa to determine and document the procedures involved in producing the Newsletter. Anne has contacted Vickie Grimett of Baldwin Graphics regarding the layout of the newsletter ads and has clarified the advertisers’ expectations and our agreements with them. We will invite these advertisers to our Awards Reception at the next ALA annual conference.

7. ALA Midwinter programs and meetings to be attended by Board members - still to be determined based on whether Vicky can attend and what time Karl can arrive.  Anne is planning on attending the full conference. http://www.alamidwinter.org/midwinter-meeting-schedule-glance.

8. Update of ALA website – (Alba via Vicky) This has been delayed.

9. FAFLRT website – data appears current but will need to be updated as vacant positions are filled.

10. Use of ALA Connect – further discussion tabled

11. FAFLRT Membership Survey – The board submitted a list of potential questions but will only include six or seven in the actual survey. Discussed how to distribute the survey; Anne will explore using Survey Monkey. Can/should the survey be published in the Newsletter? Vicky will summarize the survey questions for final Board approval.