FAFLRT Minutes Board Minutes November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011
10:00 – 11:00am

The dial in number is 202-707-1684.

1. In Attendance:  Vicky Crone; Anne Harrison; Karl Debus Lopez; Erica Stiner; Lucille Rosa
Absent: Angelique Simmons; Jane Killian; Kathleen Hanselmann

2. Reviewed draft Minutes from October 14, 2011 minutes. Board revisions will be incorporated and emailed by Vicky for Board final review and approval. 

3. Next Board meeting – Friday, December 9 from 10:00 - 11:00 AM

4. Update on Budget (Vicky for Jane) – dues in renewal – Vicky

a. No changes needed in budget for 2012

b. Anne and/or Vicky will attend the budget mtg at ALA Midwinter on Friday at 2;30 since Karl won’t be arriving in time and Jane cannot attend.

5. Elections (Vicky)

a. Vicky will submit herself to be the FAFLRT representative to the ALA Council.

b. Vicky has contacted Helen Sherman for an update on the status of our upcoming elections. Nominees must post their biographies to the ALA website by February 2, 2012.

c. The Board will review the FAFLRT bylaws for the next meeting so that any proposed changes can be voted on by the membership during the election. http://www.ala.org/faflrt/governance/bylaws

d. Only Betty Landesman of NIH responded to Lucille’s Listserv post requesting volunteers for the vacant positions, including Federal Director. If Helen has not received any other names, at the next meeting, the Board will consider appointing  Betty to Kim Lyall’s vacant position until the upcoming election.

e. Kelsey Adams has expressed interest in the Social Media Committee position. The people Kim Lyall had listed as committee members have not responded to emails, so Lucille will ask Kelsey if she would chair this committee.

6. Newsletter – Anne has contacted Jane Sessa to confirm and document the process for producing the Newsletter and has volunteered to manage the advertising for the Newsletter for the remainder of her Board tenure. Lucille will confirm with Jane that the newsletter is ready to go to print with the corrections and updates to the contact information she has gathered for the back page.

7. ALA Annual programs sponsored by FAFLRT: The Board has recommended the following three programs be developed and sponsored by FAFLRT for the ALA annual conference:

a. Disaster Preparedness/Response – Anne Harrison will coordinate this program – 2 hrs, 3 speakers

b. Use of Social Media in Federal facilities – Lucille will ask Kelsey if she would coordinate this program

c. Managing your Federal career from hire to retire – Vicky will ask Helen Sherman if she will coordinate this program.

d. Knowledge Management – this may be a back up program if any of the others don’t work out. Erica may have some contacts for program coordinators for this, if necessary.

8. FAFLRT Membership Survey

  • The following questions will be included in a Survey Monkey survey.
  • The link to the Survey will be published in the next Federal Librarian, and posted to the Listserv and the FAFLRT website.
  • Anne Harrison will contact ALA about purchasing a one-year unlimited subscription to Survey Monkey for FAFLRT so we don’t have to limit the number of questions or possible responders, or piggyback on another subscription. Estimated cost is $200.00 
  • We are not worried about multiple survey submissions by the same person.


1. Why did you join FAFLRT?  (free text answer)
2. Please list what  you think FAFLRT’s three top priorities should be?  (free text answer)
3. How do you prefer to learn about FAFLRT's activities? (select all that apply)

a. Newsletter mailed to home
b. Newsletter emailed
c. ALA website
d. ALA Connect
e. FAFLRT Listserv
f. Other: 

4.  Regarding the newsletter, The Federal Librarian:

a. Do you find the Federal Librarian newsletter to be valuable?   y/n
b. Should it continue in print? y/n
c. What would you like to see included that is not currently included?
 (free text answer)

5. Would you like to see FAFLRT: (select ONE)

a. expand to become a Division of ALA
b. merge into ASCLA
c.  remain an independent round table