Membership & Dues

ERT brochure (pdf format)


Exhibits Round Table (ERT) membership is open to all library associations, interested librarians, and firms or individuals exhibiting at library meetings. Current membership is approximately split half-and-half between personal and library organizational memberships, on the one hand, and corporate memberships, on the other.

American Library Association (ALA)  membership is required for all Round Table memberships. For information on personal ALA memberships or an online membership application forms for ALA, or to add ERT membership to your personal ALA membership, go to ALA's membership page.

Only personal members and the designated representative of corporate members may vote in ERT elections and at ERT membership meetings.


Personal membership $15.00.

Organizational membership for libraries and library associations $15.00.

Corporate Membership

  • $500 Corporate Contributor
  • $2,000  Corporate Patron.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Members of ALA receive recognition as supporters of libraries and library workers,  and have premier access to 58,000 individual and 4,000 organizational members of ALA through our convention and trade shows. In addition, ALA brings Corporate Members visibility in the marketplace and offers member-to-member access to buyers and decision makers in the library community.

Corporate Members receive a wide variety of benefits, including preferred booth space assignments for ALA’s Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting; voting membership in ALA and the Exhibitors Round Table (ERT); 10% - 15% discounts on ALA goods and services, including rental of ALA subscription mailing lists; and use of the unique ALA Corporate Member logo.

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