EMIERT Executive Board Meeting Minutes

American Library Association Midwinter Conference
January 14, 2005, Boston

Present: Victor Lynn Schill (Chair), Alma Ortega, Sarah Smith, Tamiye Meehan, Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Sylva Natalie Manoogian, Ani Matosian, Toni Bissessar, Gary Colmenar

Quorum not present. Meeting was informal. Victor Schill had to leave early for another engagement.


Treasurer’s Report – Tamiye Meehan passed around copies of the report, along with forms to request funds.

New Business

Bulletin/Newsletter Publication – Discussion of publishing the bulletin in MultiCultural Review. Dues would be raised to $20 basic individual membership and $40 to also receive a subscription to MultiCultural Review. Publication would be semi-annual instead of quarterly. A digest version of the bulletin would be posted on the website. The change would go into effect winter 2005, in time for the Midwinter 2006 conference. There is the possibility of selling ads. Lyn is willing to edit the bulletin, but someone else would need to be in charge to avoid a conflict of interest.

ALLIC – Would like ALA to update ALLIC’s status to committee in the handbook and on the website. Printouts of the incorrect pages were provided.

Children’s Services Committee – Doris Gebel’s ideas from the Children’s Services Committee report sound good. She needs to submit a proposal.

Conference Program Committee – Mentioned they have problems getting prices in time to budget.

Old Website – Gary Colmenar said he would contact John Barnett and ask him to take down the old website.