EMIERT Executive Board Meeting Minutes

American Library Association Midwinter Conference
January 10, 2004, San Diego

Present: Toni Bissessar (Chair), Frederic Rauber, Vladimir Wertsman, David Cohen, Tamiye Meehan, Myra Appel, Plummer Alston "Al" Jones, Jr., Marty Goldberg, Clara Chu, Sarah Smith, Susan Freiband, Francesca Hary, Sylva Natalie Manoogian, Josh Cohen, Barbara Jones Clark, Ellen Zyroff, Carole McCollough, Fran Ware

Toni Bissessar welcomed attendees. Attendees introduced themselves.

Michael Gorman, candidate for ALA President, was welcomed. He presented his platform as being based on advocacy, persuasion, and bringing people together. He values continuity in the presidency and will work towards pay equity and increasing diversity in the profession. His website is www.michaelgorman.org.

Minutes from the 2003 Annual meeting will be posted to the board by Sarah Smith for corrections/additions and will be approved at a later date.


Chair/Vice Chair - Toni Bissessar gave a verbal report.

  • EMIERT website will migrate to the ALA server. Frederic and Sarah will receive training on the ALA site at the midwinter conference.
  • Myra Appel is the contact person to ALA/OLOS for all programs.
  • It is crucial to compress the number of EMIE meetings at ALA midwinter and annual meetings.
  • Committee Chairs - There is a shortage of people willing to fill positions.
    • The following volunteered to act as and/or run for office:
      • Tamiye Meehan as Treasurer
      • Marty Goldberg as a Member at Large
      • Clara Chu as Interim Chair of Nominations Committee
      • Francesca Hary as Awards Committee Chair

Publicity - David Cohen said the bulletin needs reporters from around the country. There was a general discussion of how to improve publicity:

  • American Libraries one page featurette. Marty Goldberg and Frederic Rauber will work on it.
  • Have a statement of: Here’s what we do and why, and Here’s what we’re going to do
  • Advertise in library schools
  • Submit articles to Cognotes
  • Use REFORMA, CALA literature to promote EMIERT
  • On the web:
    • Have other websites put up our link
    • Link to publishers
    • Post copies of past minutes
  • Ribbons for conferences would need to be ordered through Satia Orange
  • Put an article in the EMIE bulletin and on the listserv after the new version of the website is up

Treasurer - Tamiye Meehan passed out the report at the meeting. She will take over the responsibility from Olga to contact ALA about raising EMIERT dues.

New Business

Orlando 2004 - Myra Appel discussed plans for the upcoming annual conference.

  • Time needs to be set for board meeting
  • Membership meeting will be changed to coincide with the Heather McPhearson food diversity program, which will be held outside, rather than inside a hotel, to allow for a choice of catering. Award recipients will attend, along with local publishers and librarians. A time slot was not set, pending consultation with Heather on her availability.
  • GLBT has not been in contact and there will not be a joint event. However, EMIE is still willing to cosponsor GLBT events.
  • Olga’s program has been postponed until 2005.

Coretta Scott King Task Force - Fran Ware (chair of the CSKTF), Carole McCollough (past chair), and Barbara Jones-Clark (past past chair) opened discussion on the CSKTF request to join EMIERT. They would like to be close aligned to the purpose of the group they are in. SRRT, while it has a social conscience, does not focus on CSK’s direct charge because of the many issues it supports.

Sylva Manoogian raised the concern that CSK would expect monetary support from EMIERT.  CSK responded that they receive no financial support from SRRT and that, in fact, they provide some funds to support SRRT groups. Barbara inquired as to what obligations a task force/committee has to EMIE. Due to the limited status a task force has within EMIERT, CSK would join as a committee. The committee chair term limit is two consecutive years, the chair must attend board meetings, and a written report must be submitted at midwinter and annual board meetings. The CSKTF stated they must retain their full name although they would be a committee, rather than a task force, within EMIERT. CSK is in the process of endowing their award. The request to join was approved (see #4 of motions proposed and passed, below).

CSK was requested to write an article for the EMIE bulletin. CSK stated they were negotiating with OLOS concerning their financial support of SRRT and EMIERT since they were changing round tables mid-year.

Synchronous Meetings - Marty Goldberg proposed allowing synchronous meetings for committees. The general consensus was that committees were welcome to take advantage of the option, but meeting in person has a high importance. Meetings will continue to be non-virtual at conferences.

Annual 2005 - Storytelling (joint), Coretta Scott King Breakfast, others in the works.

JCLC 2006 - Toni Bissessar announced that it will be held in Dallas at Adam’s Mark during the second week in October (not sure of the exact dates, possibly October 12-19). Toni is the chair for the registration committee. A press release is forthcoming. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. She requested that people attend JCLC meetings at midwinter.

Candidate Endorsement - Ellen Zyroff presented the idea of a round table, or other entity, endorsing a certain candidate for ALA president. The consensus was that it would not be acceptable, as people would feel compelled to vote a certain way and it would promote "vote buying." (Ellen was going to a council meeting later where they were to discuss the idea.)

Motions proposed and passed:
1) The Executive Board Meeting scheduled for Sunday, January 11th cancelled. Sarah Smith to post a sign informing of the cancellation. Francesca Hary motioned and Marty Goldberg seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
2) Future EMIE meetings at conferences will be scheduled as follows:
Midwinter - Committee meetings in the morning and a Board meeting in the afternoon on Saturday
Annual - Committee meetings in the morning and a Board meeting in the afternoon on Saturday. Membership meeting on Sunday morning.
Susan Freiband motioned and Francesca Hary seconded. The motion was passed with a vote of 1 opposed, 7 for.
3) EMIERT dues raised to $15 individual, $20 organizational. Clara Chu motioned and Sylva Manoogian seconded. The motion was passed unanimously.
4) EMIERT accepted the request of the Coretta Scott King Task Force to become a committee of the round table, remaining a line item in OLOS and preserving its original name and monies. Motioned by Sylva Manoogian and seconded by Clara Chu. The motion was passed unanimously.
5) Meeting adjourned. Motioned by Clara Chu and seconded by Francesca Hary. The motion was passed unanimously.


1) The Diversity Fair will be on the Exhibit Floor at the Annual Conference.

Sarah Smith, Secretary, recording.