EMIERT Executive Board Meeting Minutes

American Library Association Annual Conference
June 25, 2005, Chicago

Present: Victor Lynn Schill (Chair), Alma Ortega, Sarah Smith, Tamiye Meehan, Sylva N. Manoogian, Ani Matosian, Toni Bissessar, Marty Goldberg, Homa Naficy, Vladimir Wertsman, Bosiljka Stevanovic, Carole McCollough, Doris Gebel, Donald Altschiller, Clara Chu, Mary Lois Nicholls, Katalin Radnay-Baltimore, Caren Koh, Myra Appel, Nancy Kandoian, Francesca Hary.

Victor Lynn Schill welcomed attendees. Attendees introduced themselves.

Minutes from the 2005 Midwinter meeting were approved. (See #1 of motions proposed and passed.)


Children’s Services - Doris Gebel spoke in reference to her written report.

  • Suggested that committees could prepare bibliographies in support of other EMIE programs, particularly when a committee was not directly involved in a specific conference program.
  • The committee will go ahead with the program, "Creation, Content and Community in three Latino children’s literature awards."
  • Received approval to cosponsor the event, "Lost in Translation? International Children’s Books for American Children.&qout;

Collection Development - Myra Appel gave a verbal report.

  • Presented plan to put together a how-to book on doing collection development of ethnic American literature in the 21st century. It would have 15-20 short chapters, each 10-20 pages in length and appendices. The publisher, Libraries Unlimited, is interested.
  • The Board would like her to move forward with the project.

Coretta Scott King – Carole McCollough gave a verbal report.

  • Toni Bissessar will work with the committee on writing up the CSK contract.

Membership – Homa Naficy gave a verbal report

  • The member level is staying about the same.
  • A modified membership form was presented for review.

Multicultural Awards – Francesca Hary passed around a written report and made some comments.

  • The committee has not been receiving a sufficient number of nominations (i.e., one or less) and, therefore, has not given any awards.
  • Francesca is willing to continue to chair the committee. However, if someone else wants to chair, they are welcome to take over.

New Business

Program Proposals – Homa Naficy brought up a previous proposal to do something relating to immigrants and the INFOPASS program. The White House Conference on Aging Forum will take place in Washington, DC, in 2007.

JIC Award – Since a Jewish literature award cannot be established, Victor Schill suggested that JIC discuss a scholarship or other award-type to be named after David Cohen’’s wife, Evelyn.

Many Voices / One Nation – Took place the night before the Board Meeting and was a success. It was proposed that OLOS/EMIERT would carry forward and turn the program into an annual event. It is expected that Michael Gorman will continue funding of the program as ALA President. (See #2 of motions proposed and passed.)

Vacant Positions – Toni Bissessar was appointed to the vacant Member at Large position. (See #3 of motions proposed and passed.) Current committee chairs verified. Myra Appel and Plummer Alston “Al” Jones, Jr., will look into vacant committee chair positions. Myra would like someone else to chair the Programming Committee. Al and Myra will co-chair it with support from Marty Goldberg and Doris Gebel.

Logo – Toni Bissessar will talk to José Ruíz-Álvarez about designing a logo for EMIERT.

Bosiljka Stevanovic – Reported on her trip to Sarajevo. She would like to find a way to bring in/sponsor a student to come to an ALA conference. It was suggested that she contact IRRT about it, as they usually do that type of thing.

Membership Involvement – General discussion on the need to attract young members and to get more people actively involved. It was suggested that the bylaws may need to be modified to make the conference attendance requirement more flexible, as many people are unable to attend. Yahoo! Groups were presented as an enhancement/alternative to committee communication and meetings.

Marty Goldberg emphasized the convenience of virtual committee meetings. He also suggested an article be written for the bulletin and the ALA magazine that includes opportunities on how to get active and committee names, blurb, and contact information.

Strategic planning fits in with questions about new members and leadership.

Motions proposed and passed:

  1. Minutes approved. Motioned by Toni Bissessar and seconded by Alma Ortega. The motion was passed unanimously.
  2. EMIERT will support the Many Voices / One Nation initiative and carry it forward, turning it into an annual event. Motioned by Carole McCollough and seconded by Alma Ortega. The motion was passed unanimously.
  3. Toni Bissessar appointed to fill vacant Member at Large position. Motioned by Marty Goldberg and seconded by Ani Matosian. The motion was passed unanimously.

Sarah Smith, Secretary, recording.