Coretta Scott King Book Awards in Schools

coretta scott king book awards

Coretta Scott King Book Awards Open Doors to Learning at Crowders Creek Elementary School

March 3, 2009

The students at Crowders Creek Elementary School just celebrated Coretta Scott King Book Awards Literature Week. This celebration consisted of several activities.

  1. Displays and Exhibit of Book Awards in School Library Media Center and daily booktalks on WCCE our Morning News Show

  2. Classroom teachers were encouraged to read at least one book to their students. Prior to last week's celebration, my lesson for the previous week spotlighted the CSK Book Awards and the recognition of the Book Awards Seals.

    The seals were included on the school's electronic bulletin board which is managed by the school library media center. As a result, all 674 students could identify the seals and name the special award.

    It was so delightful to have preschoolers enter the media center and echo Ashley Bryan's "uh-huh." In addition, they could explain the meaning of "I'll be me and you'll be you." I get excited now just remembering how these children displayed their love for this book. Such learning was the outcome of teaching in the classroom. This serves as an affirmation that the library is "the hub of school."

  3. The final activity was the Door Decorating Contest. There are thirty-three classrooms at Crowders Creek serving students from PreK – Third Grades. This DDC was an optional activity. Teachers were told that winning doors would receive book vouchers redeemable at my Spring Book Fair. Twenty-four out of thirty-three classroom teachers participated. I have provided some visuals for you.

The CSK Network is serious about the promotion of its resources such as stickers, seals, bookmarks, etc. Thanks, everyone! This week, I will run 674 stickers to place on CSK Book Awards Literature Week Certificates to present to every student in my school, for participating in this literary event.

I just wanted to share my excitement with you.

Dorothy Guthrie
Elementary Media Center Specialist

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