Coretta Scott King Book Awards Donation Grant Application

Application Instructions

  1. Enter all required fields for institution and main contact information (required fields denoted by an asterisk). 
  2.  In the "Materials" section, upload an essay, no longer than four pages, that answers the following questions:
    • Include the ages and grades of the children you serve.
    • Describe the community served by your agency or institution; include demographic statistics.
    • Explain why this community needs a collection of books by African American authors and illustrators.
    • Describe your agency or institution, including your current services, collections and materials budget.
    • Explain why your agency or institution needs these materials.
    • Explain how the materials will be made available to children and youth in your community. How will these materials improve service to children and youth?
    • Explain how the materials will promote the positive self-image of African American children and youth and/or broaden the worldview of children and youth.
  3. After reading the Statement of Commitment, affirm that you understand the terms by typing your full name and initials. 
  4. (Not required) Upload up to four supplemental/supporting documents, if applicable. 
  5. Click submit.  

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Deadline: February 7, 2023

Institution Information
Contact Information
Statement of Commitment
By entering my initials below, I understand the criteria for the Coretta Scott King Book Awards Donation Grant and verify the accuracy of all information provided. I also understand that the recipients of the Coretta Scott King Book Awards Donation Grant agree to accept all donated materials sent to them by the American Library Association. Materials must be claimed within one (1) month of notification or the donation will be awarded to the runner-up choice as determined by the Donation Grant committee.
Application Materials

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