RainbowRT Archive Project Ad hoc Committee


Solicit donations for the RainbowRT archive, housed within the ALA archives, with assistance from ALA Archives staff. Complete the oral history toolkit begun by the 2018 RainbowRT Emerging Leaders team, a process to continue adding recorded materials to the oral history site, and continue conducting oral history interviews as time allows. Finalize the design of the site where the oral history project is stored with assistance from the RainbowRT Web Committee. Create a video collage to help promote the oral history project and archive as part of a marketing campaign ahead of and during the RainbowRT 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2020.


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This committee is composed of 5-7 members, including a liaison to the 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Ad hoc Committee. Members serve two years. The committee is led by a chair.


This committee was charged at the December 2018 RainbowRT Executive Board meeting.