PR Resources

General Guides

About Public Relations
Website: Public Relations Society of America
The Public Relations Society of America covers what is public relations, networking opportunities, training, and much more.

Sample Speeches: Why Are Libraries Important?
Website: State Library of Iowa

Two sample elevator speeches on why libraries are important from the State Library of Iowa.

Writing for PR/Marketing

8 Tips for Writing a Great Press Release, November 14, 2012
Website: Huffington Post
Tips on writing a press release.

Consistent Communication: Coordinating Marketing Efforts Across Platforms, September 23, 2014
Webinar: Infopeople
Nancy Dowd provides tips, tools, and if you scroll down there are slides and a handout.

How to Write a Press Release, May 20, 2016
Website: HubSpot
Press release tips with sample and template.

How To Write a Press Release, with Examples, November 10, 2010
Website: CBS MoneyWatch
How to write a press release with various examples.

Computer/Internet Programs to Create Marketing Materials

Adobe Photoshop
Available on TechSoup for libraries at a discounted rate.

Website: Canva
Canva makes design simple for everyone. Create designs for web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations, etc.

Creates custom collages and photo stitching in a variety of patterns. Free to use.

Microsoft Publisher
Available on TechSoup for libraries at a discounted rate.

Photoshop Online Tools
Free to use with limited tools.

User-friendly site that will allow you to put filters over you photos for free.

Free online photo editing software. You have limited editing ability but great for basic things like creating photo collages. Free to use.

Use your own images, images from websites, and more with many editing features. Free to use.

Quozio will create free beautiful quotes with custom backgrounds that you can post directly to social media sites.

Free/Low Cost Marketing Images

20 Best Sites for Cheap or Free Graphics or Images for Your Blog, November 5, 2015
Website: Mannix Marketing, Inc.
Mannix Marketing put together a current list of free and low cost image resources.

Creative Commons Search
Website: Creative Commons
Creative Commons will let you specify that you plan to use these images for commercial purposes.

Finding and Using Images for Your Nonprofit, March 7, 2016
Article: Techsoup
Techsoup article includes a discussion on copyright, what permissions mean, how to give credit as well as a long list of different resources with images available for use.

Flickr Creative Commons
Website: Flickr
Search photos by type of Creative Commons license.

Website: Iconfinder
If you are looking for logos, Iconfinder has low cost or free logo for thousands of companies. 

Library Market
Website: Library Market
The Library Market is a group of librarians, including everyone who signs up, who upload edited images.

Old Book Art
Website: Old Book Art
All of the art featured in Old Book Art’s site are in the public domain.

Website: Openclipart
The website includes over 93,000 free images. You can download images, alter them, and use links to download images in different file types.

Website: Pexels
Free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators.

Website: Pixabay
Pixabay has over 600,000 free photos on an easily searchable website.

Wikimedia Commons
Website: Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons, a project of the Wikimedia Foundation, is an online repository of free-use images, sounds, and other media files.

Book Displays & Signage

Creative Campaign Displays, June 25, 2015
Article: OCLC WebJunction
Advocacy in Action provides ideas on all different displays for your library (open the PDF article not just the link).

Library Displays
Website: Pinterest
A Pinterest board featuring library displays.

Not Just for Kids: Book Displays for Adults
Website: Florida Library Webinars
This webinar makes suggestions to create book displays for adults that engage customers, promote the flow of information, and highlight the library’s role as a space that is in-touch with its community.

Public Library Book Displays – Adult Facebook Group
Website: Facebook
A Facebook group for librarians dedicated to adult book displays.

The Question of Little Free Libraries, 2018
Website: American Libraries Magazine
This article discusses the history of little free libraries and challenges for library outreach and literacy goals.

What is That Little Box in the Front of Your House? The Little Library Movement and its Impact on Individuals and Libraries, April 17, 2018
Website: Florida Library Webinars
This webinar discusses little free libraries in regards to owners and public libraries.