Universal Access

Access to Libraries for Persons with Disabilities - Checklist
PDF: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
This checklist shows how the library should provide access to persons with disabilities through physical access, media formats, and staff service and communication.

Accessibility and Libraries
Webinar: American Libraries Live
Webinar including best practices to assist your users and tips to ensure your materials are accessible to everyone.

Accessibility Matters
Article: American Libraries
Article focuses on how to make your web presence a universal and accessible experience.

Disability Accommodations for the Public
Webinar: Infopeople
Mary Minow includes a recording, her handout, slides, and agenda demonstrating ways to accommodate disabilities.

Library Services for People with Disabilities Policy
Website: Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies
This ALA-approved association provides access to online learning, resources and professional tools, and specialized interest groups.

Project ENABLE: Expanding Nondiscriminatory Access by Librarians Everywhere
Website: Project ENABLE
Project ENABLE provides free training to public libraries to help provide better and more inclusive services.

Universal Access to All Knowledge
Webinar: Association for Library Collections and Technical Services
Brewster Kahle is recorded and provides an overview of current collections and what may be possible when creating a universal access collection.

Website Accessibility Under Title II of ADA within Chapter 5 of ADA Best Practices Tool Kit for State and Local Governments
Toolkit: U.S. Department of Justice
Chapter 5 advises state and local governments on the why’s and how’s of developing websites that are accessible to people with disabilities. Since most public libraries fall within the local government purview, this information applies to them. Chapter 5 helps answer the following questions: Which provisions of Title II of the ADA apply to websites? What technologies do people with disabilities use to access the Internet? How do poorly designed websites pose barriers to people with disabilities? What steps can state and local government agencies take to ensure website accessibility for people with disabilities? Examples and solutions are nicely boxed in a different color under the legal sections.